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Hajj Draw Result 2021 Pakistan Candidates Name, List

Hajj Draw Result 2021 Pakistan Candidates Name, List will soon be announced now. You can get in hand this Hajj balloting Result 2021 successful candidates list right from this webpage. All the candidates who have applied for this Hajj Application Result 2021, can now make a check out of their names that whether their names have appeared on this Hajj Draw Result 2021 list or not! To all the Hajj candidates, it is to be noted that they have to stay tuned with us on this webpage, as soon as the Hajj scheme Result 2021 will be declared, we will keep them posted and updated. submit an application from 25 February to 6th March 2021.

Hajj Draw Result 2021 Pakistan Candidates Name, List

From the sources, we came to know that the Hajj 2021 Pilgrims will soon be selected now, their names, the final list will sooner be on the internet now and also on all the relevant sites. The policy was announced in Islamabad by Federal Minister for Religious Noor Ul Haq. He said that 1,79,210 people will offer Hajj this year under the government and also under the private scheme. 1000 Pilgrims above 70 Years of age go for Hajj this year without Balloting.

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He said that the package has been priced at Rs. 486,270 for North region people with Qurbani. All the accommodation has been arranged according to the laws that are in operation in Saudi Arabia, food will be provided to the pilgrims free of cost. This one-month pre-Hajj flight operation will be starting from 2021 and each pilgrim will be allowed free baggage up to 32kg, hand-carry should not be exceeding by 7Kg. If he will be having excess baggage, then he will be charged a fine at the rate of 15 Saudi Riyals per Kg. It is to be noted that each Haji will be allowed a 10-liter Aabe-Zam-Zam bottle on their return. All the pilgrims should have their Passport during all times of the holy ritual. So, this was all about the Hajj Draw Result. Stay tuned with us and get all the LIVE and instant updates about this. Know more about this Hajj scheme 2021 and ask any Hajj-related questions from us.


  1. sir let me know about the addresses of pakistani embassies at the holly cities of Makka & Madena and also the relevant section / men along with their name & cell no.


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