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Essay on Global Warming in Pakistan

Essay on Global Warming in Pakistan, The threat of global warming is getting into the nerves of the entire world where each and every country on the globe is getting the adverse impact of the ever increasing heat waves and the periods of unusual long warm and heated weather. The global warming is a very threatening sign especially for the countries like Pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is based on its natural resources and the agriculture which is being practiced in the country. Global warming is the concept of continuous increasing of the warmer global temperature which has resulted in the melting of ice, glaciers melting and coastal flooding.

In Pakistan the northern areas are mountainous and mainly the Himalayas were we have the snow capped mountains. Essay on Global Warming in PakistanThe global warming has given an alarming situation in Pakistan because these huge snow capped mountains are continuously melting and converting in to water which is being drained heavily in the main streams and rivers of the country. Through this the level of water rises in the river and dams of the Pakistan which have increased the immense threat of flooding in the country and once heavy flooding is being observed in Pakistan it will create might chaos and in the procedure it will also increase the loss of lives of millions of people and even their property and assets will be on stake. The main reason of flooding in Pakistan is that there are not sufficient numbers of dams and the one which are present do not have the large storage capacity which has increased the chances of flood and the overflow of dams and rivers which will cause huge impact on the civilization settled around it.

Pakistan is an agro based country where the economy is heavily dependent on the agriculture and farming, so once the flooding and devastation is being caused it will give harm and loss to the agriculture and ultimately the economy of Pakistan will be susceptible. Pakistan’s economy is also heavily relies on the minerals and natural resources which are present in the country and with the increasing fear and threat of global warming will also show its impact on these reserves and natural resources because the heavy flood do drain out the minerals from the soils and drain them in the river or in the dams and once the dams are being filled with minerals and salts it causes salivation and soil erosion which is very harmful for the crops and agriculture. Hence, increasing global warming is increasing the hazard and endangered the country’s economy as well as the lives of millions residents of the state.

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