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Biography of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Essay

An Esssay or complete Biography of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is discussed here on this page as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was considered to be one of those Muslim leaders who had that pain and care for the nation and that is why he came on the main stage to bring the Muslims of the Sun continent out of miseries and problems and played the vital role in reviving the image and the status f Muslims in the Sub Continent India. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born on 17th October 1817 in a very well known and respected family of Delhi. Sir Syed’s father was Mir Muttaqi who was a very renowned personality of the city and at the same time he was highly regarded by the Mughal Dynasty.  He died when Syed Ahmed was 21 years of age.

Sir Syed received his early education from the old and traditional system which was being followed in the sub continent and that is why he was not satisfied by the educational standards and the quality which is being imparted amongst the students. He learnt the Holy Quran from a female teacher on his own home, as after it he was being given under the guardianship of Maulvi Hamidud Din; so this highlights that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan belonged to a very religious family. When he was at the age of 19 his formal education was being completed but he continued to strive privately and at the same time he fetched the job and started the job as clerk in the East India Company in 1938. He also served in the judicial department after three years of his job as he was qualified as a sub-judge.Biography of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Essay

The war of independence 1857 came to an end and the British rulers got really angered and annoyed on those who took part against them and their allies and Hindus being selfish and clever enough threw all the blame on Muslims and that was the time when British rulers boycotted Muslims and closed all the gates of education, job, business and politics on them. This was the time when the Muslims of Sub continent were in a miserable condition and they needed someone to pull them back from this awkward situation and that was the time when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan held the Muslims and started his efforts for the Muslim revival. The very initial step he took was to oppose the extremist Muslims opinion on not acquiring modern and British education as many of them considered it as non Islamic but it was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who wanted to create a scientific temperament among the Muslims of India and that’s why he began his educational movement by establishing the school in Moradabad in 1858 where Persian and English were being taught, the next he established was in Ghazipur in the year 1863. He also formed a scientific society in 1864 which had the task for translating the English books in to Urdu and Persian for the convenience of the Muslims as this made them understand the English books with more ease and comfort ability.

On 24th May 1874, under the Aligarh Movement Sir Syed Ahmed Khan laid the foundation of M.A.O High School, which was being upgraded to the college in 1877 and in 1920; it was being declared as the university; after the death of Sir Syed Ahmed. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan also played a vital contribution in removing and clarifying the misunderstanding between the British rulers and the Muslims and for that purpose he even wrote a book on “The Real Causes of War of Independence 1857” in which he made it very clear to the British rulers that Muslims were equally responsible for the war as the Hindus are and under such circumstances blaming only Muslims is not justified. He helped Muslims revive their lost position in the sub continent and at the same time he laid the foundation for the run for Independence which was being witnessed in the year 1946 after the death of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He simply united the Muslim nation and guided them the path on which they can progress on the roads of success and at the same time he awakened them from the sleep of ignorance that they should wake and stand for their rights so that no one can take it from them. And that is why thy Muslims of that time do took part in the elections and competed with Hindus at all the levels and even they send their kids and children to get education in the modern schools and colleges where English was being taught, and hence, from here the revival of Muslim Ummah in Sub Continent was being witnessed. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was known as the real well wisher for the Muslims of Sub continent as this true leader and the legend of Muslim and Sub Continent history died on 27th March 1898.

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