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Terrorism in Pakistan Impact and Effects

If we ask a student to write a debate on terrorism in Pakistan impact and effects then he or she would probably be silent for one minute. In every debating speech there is an appropriate solution at the end but unfortunately terrorism in Pakistan has not perfect solution at all means. After every five years we as the citizen of Pakistan elect a party that will take control over the management of Pakistan and make it free from all the terrorism and worries. But we are not aware from the fact that they are just indulged in filling up their own bank accounts and nothing else. Every month many suicide bombs are done in every single city of Pakistan. We don’t think so that there would be any such city that would never have seen any suicide bombs. But at the end of the day besides finding the actual culprit we start blaming at other enemy countries. Have we ever thought that what is the fault of all such innocent people who were not aware that they will be killed through some suicide bomb?

Terrorism in Pakistan Impact and Effects

Terrorism has always shown the negative impact in Pakistan. Taliban has always done the suicide attacks just for threatening the people of Pakistan and for telling them they are not saved even in their own country. It is sometimes very sad to think that Government of Pakistan is not taking any further steps for stopping this monster. They are just seems to put forward their sympathy statements as soon as the suicide attack came into appearance. They are just interested in distributing the cheques amongst the killed people families that get bonus at the end of the day. Probably the old and young generation would be well aware from the effects of such suicide attacks but they are surely not leaving good effects on the children.

In the beginning of 2013 every single day some sort of bomb attacks happened in various cities of Pakistan. No single person has yet the answer of the query that when they would be able to take free breathe in their own country? When they can walk with no fear on their own motherland? Would this horrible and terrible story of terrorism come into the end? Well all such questions have no answer but if our Government really thinks for the prosperous and successful Pakistan in future then they have to put a full stop at this terrorism before this flood takes away the whole country to death.

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