Role of Student in Present Society

As a student have we ever thought about what is the role of student in present student? A highly qualified and experienced student thinks that he is just bound to get a degree and make his future brighter and successful with some job but on other side the students should also pay attention in holding some responsibilities towards the society as well. Before showing any interest in the society, the student should pay its huge attention at the studies first. They should just be keen interested in getting such subjects that can flourish their future so that they can contribute wholeheartedly in the success of their motherland. Education is said to be one of such strongest weapons that stay with the intellectual person throughout his entire lifetime. As we all know that in Pakistan there is huge arising percentage of the students that are committing suicide just because they are unemployed even after getting high flying qualified degree. In such situations it is very hard to believe that any young student will play its prominent role in this society. But still there are many people that are still full passionate and enthusiastic enough for making their nation as the most successful and top leading in this whole entire globe.

Role of Student in Present SocietyEducation builds the character personality of the students but on the other side some of the little responsibility also relies upon the elders as well. If the coming young generation and students are treated with respect then they would be much interested for working for their nation. In simple words, we can say that they will give pay back return to the society in the same way that the society has provided them. Apart from it, it is not just vital for the modern students to contribute their skills for the society as the middle and lower class students can also work for their nation and society. But this victory can just be made possible if our elementary education, secondary education, higher education, general education, technical education and vocational education would be improved. In the end after this detailed discussion we would just say one point that all the students should give all their attention at the upgrading in addition to the accomplishment of society for the reason that if the society is enhanced then eventually the nation will also lead towards the path of success for sure.

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