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College Life Poems

If you are looking for College Life Poems then you are at the right place to get it. So that is why there is no need to go anywhere else as your search would be completed here. College Life as we all know gives us the main way to explore the Opportunities which are beneficial for our next counterpart Of Life. After College Life each and every student will miss the gatherings and the moments that cannot be ignored very much. College Life Poems are one thing that can help out students to remind all the precious moments with their friends and peers in College. College Life as we are well aware is the main learning stage and also full of enjoyment. Teasing In College Life, ragging juniors In College Life, and gatherings after the lectures In College Life are some things that cannot be forgotten in practical Life.

College Life Poems

Below given the College Life Poems that can explain the feelings and experiences Of students about that time. So simply you can get them from this page easily. College is the most entertaining period for students as students never forgot their life in a college for the rest of their life. The poems listed below on this page will help you in reminding your of some of the precious moments of these days that is why if you are also among those students who are searching for College Life Poems then you are on the right portal as this is the fastest growing educational website of Pakistan that is why it is our prime responsibility to facilitate you at our level best.

College Life Poems

College Life Poems in English


I will soon no longer be a high school student
My life will be totally altered
I am graduating soon
And it is quite a nerve-racking
I am leaving my life in a bubble
And going off on my own
As i take my first step into the world,
I daydream of my future.


Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega…..
Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega…
Lamho se bhare in palo mein duriyo ka pal kaise samayega…
Pyaar ke khatir naye tohfo kharidna,usi pyaar ke liye dosto se ladna
College ke naam par canteen jana ,Roz naye bahane dekar lecture na jana
Yaro se zhagadna aur manana ,unki choti si taklif ko bhi dil se lagana
Kaha se launga ye pal ,kaha se launga vo waqt?
Ye pal yuhi …..

Pechle bench par ki vo mastiya ,Attendence na hone par teacher ki galiya
PL’s mein shuru karna padhai,Result na ane par dena university ko duhai.
Sikha aur samjha bahot hai humne ,Zindagi ke har pehlu ko jana hai humne
Alvida kehkar ja rahe hai dosto ko,kaun jane kab koi mil payega..
Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega,Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega….


College has changed my life
it is not something I’d give away
for anything else in my life
before college

I love all my new friends
we have parties
no time for Homerowk
cuz we are the coolest!!1

Sitting in my room,
we will be drink
drinking for fun!!!
illegal but fun

Even tho collage is so fun
I still have 2 do the work
if I don’t pass my classes
my parents wi be mad!!l

I then saw a boy
he is a boy I like to t
he has brown hair and eyes
both his eyes and hair r brown.

but…theirs a problem!!!!
he doesn’t know me
i need to cats a spell
so he notices me

His name is Justin
and for him i will find
a perect spell
to capture his body + mind

my rommate dosent kno
that i can do majic
i hvave to be secret
or she will ban it

and so i do it in seccret
my magci is for me only
but now i want to cast it ons a boy
so i wont be lonly.

i go to jsutin
ans pull out my wand
with my wiccan powwers
ill make him respond.!

if hes is “gay”
i donot care!!!
i just take my majic ans
stick that in their 😉

WOA that was to much
but i did rly meen it
my majic goe s wherever i want
especsialy ins their minds

tomrow i wil try my spell
i hope i hav sucess
you wil be mine
ans collage will be the best!


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