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Institute of Business & Management (IB&M) UET Review

Recently University of Engineering as well-known its new department “Institute of Business & Management” which is offering EMBA, MBA and BBA. UET has a strong reputation in allover the country for its outstanding education in engineering field. But they have now decided to go with the flow so starting a business department is because of the tendency among all the universities to have a separate Business Studies department. But they have started this with a bit different style.

Classes for E-MBA are in process since May 2009 which is offering 3 courses. IBM has really shows a great future to potential students by their strong marketing. They are also offering a 4-year BBA. UET under the name of IBM has started a 2-year MBA program for those who have a 16 years educational background. They got huge response from students because of two reasons, one is of course the name of UET and the other is that they have done their Job description tremendously glowing and targeted the right segment of market. They really design their services so well that every one got attracted towards them.

Some things I really liked in IBM like they give orientation sessions to their new MBA students of more then 6 hours and for more then a week, in which they helped their fresh entrants to improve their communication skills and also open up their mind for fastly changing business environment..


UET Lahore is one of the oldest universities in South Asia and a regional hub of academic excellence. It has been providing world-class education since 1921. Situated in the heart of Lahore; one of the biggest commercial cities of the country, the university is distinguished by its accomplished and qualified faculty and strong alumni. UET offers outstanding facilities and is furnished with state of the art learning centers.


  • EMBA(2 Years minimum (as per HEC guidelines) – 4 Years maximum)

In its first phase, the institution is launching its Executive MBA (EMBA) Program tailored for mid-career working professionals, who seek to obtain an HEC accredited MBA degree while maintaining their full-time job and social responsibilities. Classes will be held in the evenings (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm), this flexible program offers a thorough grounding in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations, organizational behavior, political, applied statistics, and strategy.

MBA ( Duration of MBA Program:  2 ½ Years minimum  (as per HEC guidelines)

4 Years maximum (Total credit hours:  75 (including Thesis):  78 for MBA 2K9)

  • In its second phase, IB&M is launching a Master’s Program in Business Administration (MBA) for fresh graduates and professionals who aim to gain a world class degree in business education. Classes will be held in the mornings (8:30 am to 4:30 pm five days a week) this program offers a thorough grounding in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, political, applied statistics, and strategy.
  • BBA( 4 Years)

The Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) program builds upon a strong grounding in the basic concepts and subsequent in-depth exposure to functional areas in Business Management including accounting, marketing, finance, operations, project & quality management, innovation, motivation, leadership and computer applications. Students gain advanced preparation in global management, social issues management, team building, managing diversity, business strategy, instilling innovation and responding to the challenging environment of business. The curriculum cultivates written and oral communication skills and the use of leading technology.

  • CEP

The participants in CEP will get a chance to interact with their colleagues and peers from executive MBA program and would compete against them in order to maximize their learning potential. This is another value added future IB&M is extending to the local industry which would boost the quality and productivity of your organization’s human capital.


At IB&M, students may have different educational backgrounds. Some may have a       bachelor´s degree in business management or professional degree in different fields, such       as Engineering, English, Medicine, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry or law.

Please download the application form from Website and send the completed application            form to Office of Admissions, Institute of Business and Management (IB&M) UET           Main Campus, Lahore.

  • Application forms will not be accepted without proof of submission of application processing fee and incomplete forms will be rejected.
  • IB&M has the right to add/drop a course based on number of enrollments.

Extra Curricular Activities:

This energetic undergraduate student life at IB&M is complemented by sparkling extracurricular activities along with strong, market based, consumer driven practical research initiatives. Students are encouraged to think critically, to practice thinker snooping, to explore the bounds of creativity and innovation, to demonstrate scholarly interest and to follow business relevance.

Contact Us:

For further information and queries, please get in touch with University address below:

Institute of Business & Management (IB&M),
UET, Main Campus,
University of Engineering and Technology,
GT Road, Lahore.

Tel: +92-42-99029494,+92-42-6810815

Email: [email protected]


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