Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2014 Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2014 as After Punjab Government Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme; which received many appreciations and criticism in Pakistan now as the Federal Government is being under the influence and authority of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz so with no doubt and surprises the Federal Government of Pakistan Plan to Start Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2014 once again for the deserving Intelligent Students From Colleges and Universities all Across the Country free without any cost. Each Year One Hundred thousand Laptops will be distributed among the students from throughout Pakistan and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan will be responsible and is being given the responsibility of setting the merit for Prime Minister Laptop Scheme.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2014

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2014 Nawaz Sharif

The implementation of the Prime Minister Laptop scheme 2014 will be started from the province where PMLN has the clear majority which is in Punjab. Mr. Rana Mashhood Khan who is the Provincial Education Minister stated in the press conference that the Federal government has decided that they will be distribution good quality laptops to the deserving, bright and intelligent students of the colleges and universities, the quantity which is being decided by Rana Mashhood Khan and the other respective participants in the conference was that almost one hundred thousand or one hundred and fifty thousand laptops will be distributed in each and every province of Pakistan.

The criteria on which the laptops will be given to the students will be established by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. In the previous laptop scheme of the Chief Minister Mr. Shahbaz Sharif was being criticized regarding the criteria on which the laptops were being distributed as the online form was being made available on the web page of the scheme and in response the laptops were being handed over without any proper management which was unsatisfactory. To avoid such loop holes this time, the prime minster Mr. Nawaz Sharif has decided and have given the clear instructions to be very much sure and specific as far as the criteria is concerned, and for that respective purpose this responsibility is being transferred to the Higher education commission of Pakistan, which will make sure that the process is made authentic and transparent handing over of laptops to the one which deserves the most.

According to the Minister of education for Punjab Mr. Rana Mashhood Khan, he stated that; we are planning to set up the laptop assembling unit and plant at the Sunder Industrial estate in Lahore and for that purpose the planning commission has already established PC one, he further added that various international brands have shown the interest and positive response to make the investments especially in this laptop policy of Pakistan and amongst such brands we have companies from various countries which includes South Korea, Taiwan and China.

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