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Scope Of Geology In Pakistan

These days, lots of students have been studying the subject of geology. In the older days, we used to have very few subject choices. Like girls only used to study medical and science subjects or arts subjects and boys only used to study engineering and maths subjects. But, now we are seeing a massive kind of transformation in the study programmes and students are now opting for mass communication, journalism and sociology as well as the study of geology programs. In this post, we will let you know that what the scope of geology in Pakistan is. If you are serious enough to study this geology program then you should also be knowing that what the scope and career line of this study program!

Scope Of Geology In Pakistan

Scope Of Geology In Pakistan

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In Pakistan, it is an average earning career line. As we all know that this subject deals with the study of earth, minerals and environment. If you will be doing the masters or graduation in this study program then you can get job in the water management system as well as in the hydrology department and also jobs in the seismologist departments. We have seen that this study program has now become one of the lucrative and profitable career lines. We have many companies in Pakistan that do make a hiring of those individuals who have done masters or graduation in this study program. You can be hired in the Geological Survey of Pakistan, WAPDA as well as in the Pakistan Mineral Development Coroporation and also you can be hired in the Pakistan steel mills, in the Oil and Gas Development Corporation.

It is seen that a geologist will be having massive variety of options that in what subjects he wants to do the specialization. He can become specialized in the petroloeum geology or in the hydro geology, volcanologist. He can also do the specialization in the geophysics and also in the planetary geology. If we talk about the salary line then the starting salary of this career line is Rs. 2000- Rs. 4000 and then as you will start getting the experience, you will be getting the salary of Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. So, this is all about the scope of geology in Pakistan. We will keep you posted more about this career line so stay tuned with us on daily basis and know all about the career lines in Pakistan.


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