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Technical Colleges in Lahore

We are revealing the top Technical Colleges in Lahore. All those students who are looking for technical education in Lahore are in the right place to check these details. There are many institutes in Pakistan which are providing technical education to students. Many of these colleges are working under the government of Punjab while some colleges are private. We will be showing you both Government Technical Colleges in Lahore and Private Technical Colleges in Lahore. These colleges are offering DAE programs to students, like a Diploma in electrical engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other technical diplomas. In this article, you will learn about the Technical Colleges for boys and girls.

Technical Colleges in Lahore

These technical colleges teach you practical education. So, if you want to get more practical education in different fields and you are average in theory, these programs are the best. These are standing in the list of best DAE Colleges in Lahore Pakistan.


List of Technical Colleges:

Lahore is considered as the hub of education institutes. You get a lot of options here. But there is still a question that which institute you should select because you will see a lot of institutes offering admission. So, check the list of both public and private colleges.

Government Technical Colleges in Lahore:

So, the list of public institutes is given here. Get complete details about them and apply for admission.

  • Government Technical Training Institute for Women
  • Government Technical Training Institute
  • Government Technical Training Institute Mughalpura
  • Government College of Technology Railway Road Lahore
  • Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority
  • Government Technical Training Institute for Women Gujjarpura
  • Government College of Technology Raiwand Road
  • Government Technical Training Institute for Women Kamal Ganj Lahore
  • Government College of Technology
  • Government Vocational Training Institute Shahalam Lahore
  • Government Technical Training Institute Kamal Ganj
  • Government Vocational Training Institute Baghbanpura Lahore
  • Government College University
  • Government Advance Technical Training Institute Sundar Lahore
  • Government Vocational Training Institute RSLN
  • Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre
  • Vocational Training Institute College Road Township
  • Government Technical Training Institute Kasur

Private Technical Colleges in Lahore:

  • Shahzad Askari Technical Institute
  • Shareef College of Engineering and Technology
  • Unique Institute of Technology
  • Institute of Engineering And Technology Lahore

So, these are the Technical Colleges in Lahore which are providing technical education to students. All these institutes are recognized by the Punjab Board of Technical Education PBTE Lahore. Students who want to be admitted to any technical institute in Lahore can be admitted to any of these government institutes in order to pursue their technical degree or diploma. For more information about these government technical institutes, you can visit the official sites of these institutes and can check when they open admission for technical programs.