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Dar e Arqam School Lahore Branches, Fee Structure

Pakistan being an Islamic nation really is in need of institutions that are based on Religion as well as modern education. In such a regard Dar-e-Arqam is one institution in Pakistan that is fulfilling this need. It is one of the largest educational institutions which is being spread all over the country and is providing both religious and modern education to its enrolled students. The major aim of this institution is that it should provide both types of education to its students, and for that purpose in Dar-e-Arqam the students are being given the teaching to English as well as Computers and at the same time the students are being encouraged to memorize the Holy Quran and its Tajwid and even go through the river of Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The school is having more than 300 branches all over the country.

Dar-e-Arqam School

Dar-e-Arqam is running with the motive to provide a clean, disciplined, unique, remarkable, and attractive atmosphere to the students. And with the same time, it is working to inculcate new methods of education and communication among its students. Through this combination of the religion and modern world, the institution is producing students who are more responsible, educated, and even sensible toward their national and international identity.

Dar e Arqam school

The students are being taught and made to understand their rights and duties as described by the holy religion Islam and even by the world so that they should be well aware of both the facts and at that time they should choose the right path. So it is not wrong to say that Dar-e-Arqam is working hard to produce a good citizen and at the same concern a very good Muslim.

The educational institution is highly active in its curricular and co-curricular activities as it holds a competition that includes Urdu Speech, Debate, Qirat, Naat, Quiz, English and Urdu Essay Writing, Handwriting, and Arts and Crafts from the grass root level. The school holds its own annual sports day in which all the students take part and prizes are distributed amongst the winning students.

The curriculum which is being adopted in the school is being created and crafted by an internal body of the institution which is known as the Curriculum wing. This body defines all the teaching methodologies, workbooks and activity bookmaking, annual planning, teachers’ training, and inspection. Dar-e-Arqam Publications publish Syllabus and general knowledge books, workbooks, activity books, school diaries, and school notebooks.

Dar e Arqam School Branches

Across Pakistan, different branches have been opened by the Dar e Arqam organization. People are unaware of the names and locations where these branches have been opened. Furthermore, click on the below link, and then the official webpage of Dar e Arqam will open, and then select the city. All branches along with the address will show on your screen.

Dar e Arqam School Fee Structure

On its official webpage, Daq e Arqam School does not update the fee structure of all organizations. So, visit the nearest campus of this organization and then gather the latest fee structure. Every year they change the fee structure of the Dar e Arqam school.

Head Office

  • 57-L Model Town Ext.
  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


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