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GC University Faisalabad Master Degree Merit List 2018

Government College University GCU Faisalabad is going to display 1st, 2nd, 3rd Master Degree programme Merit List 2018 for spring admissions soon so all those students who have applied for doing master degree in GC University Faisalabad should have to keep in touch with this page so that they can get their merit list as soon as the University official will declare it. None of any official of the University has yet made any announcement about the displaying of merit list but one thing is sure that it will be available here during this page so keep visiting this page frequently. At master level GC University is offering many courses and programme to its students and this year the admissions of master programme were open from 2018 as the last date to submit the application form is also announced. Final Date for form submission is gone now no other form will be accepted by the University Official in any case. These days university officials are much busy in preparing the merit list because admission will only granted to those students who got their name in the merit list and that will prepare while keeping your academic and entry Test result in mind. Due to limited number of seats GC University only offer limited admissions and that limited admissions will be given to the brilliant students who have excellent academic record. Well this page will provide you Master degree Merit list 2018 as soon as the official will declare it.

GC University Faisalabad Master Degree Merit List 2018


GC University Faisalabad Master Degree Merit List 2018

MS/M.Phil 1st Merit List

  1. LLM
  2. M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
  3. M.Phil Applied Chemistry
  4. M.Phil Applied Linguistics
  5. M.Phil Arabic
  6. M.Phil Bio Chemistry
  7. M.Phil Botany
  8. M.Phil Commerce
  9. M.Phil Economics
  10. M.Phil Education
  11. M.Phil English
  12. M.Phil Environmental Engineering
  13. M.Phil Environmental Science
  14. M.Phil Geography
  15. M.Phil History
  16. M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry
  17. M.Phil International Relations
  18. M.Phil Islamic Studies
  19. M.Phil Mathematics
  20. M.Phil Microbiology
  21. M.Phil Organic Chemistry
  22. M.Phil Pakistan Studies
  23. M.Phil Pharmaceutics
  24. M.Phil Pharmacology
  25. M.Phil Physical Chemistry
  26. M.Phil Physics
  27. M.Phil Political Science
  28. M.Phil Sociology
  29. M.Phil Statistics
  30. M.Phil Urdu
  31. M.Phil Zoology
  32. MS Banking and Finance
  33. MS Biotechnology
  34. MS Business Administration
  35. MS Clinical Psychology
  36. MS Computer Science
  37. MS Food and Nutrition
  38. MS Food Science and Technology
  39. MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  40. MS Information Technology
  41. MS Public Administration
  42. MS Software Engineering
  43. MS Textile and Clothing

Master Morning 1st Merit List 2018

Date for Fee Submission

  1. MA English
  2. M.Com
  3. MA Education
  4. MA English Linguistics and Literature
  5. MA International Relations
  6. MA Mass Communication
  7. MA Political Science
  8. M.Sc. Applied Chemistry
  9. M.Sc. Applied Psychology
  10. M.Sc. Botany
  11. M.Sc. Chemistry
  12. M.Sc. Economics
  13. M.Sc. Geography
  14. M.Sc. Mathematics
  15. M.Sc. Pakistan Studies
  16. M.Sc. Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  17. M.Sc. Physics
  18. M.Sc. Sociology
  19. M.Sc. Statistics
  20. M.Sc. Zoology
  21. MA Arabic
  22. MA Islamic Studies
  23. MA Urdu
  24. Master in Public Administration
  25. MBA Banking and Finance
  26. MBA Business Administration
  27. MBA Entrepreneurship 1_and_half_year
  28. MBA Industrial Management 3 and_half_year

Date for Fee Submission

Master Morning 2nd Merit List 2018

  1. MA Education Morning 2nd
  2. MA English Linguistics and Literature Morning 2nd
  3. MA English Morning 2nd
  4. MA Islamic Studies Morning 2nd
  5. MA Mass Communication Morning 2nd
  6. MA Political Science Morning 2nd
  7. MA Urdu Morning 2nd
  8. MBA Banking and Finance Morning 2nd
  9. MBA Business Administration Morning 2nd
  10. MCom Morning 2nd
  11. MPA Public Administration Morning 2nd
  12. MSc Applied Psychology Morning 2nd
  13. MSc Botany Morning 2nd
  14. MSc Chemistry Morning 2nd
  15. MSc Economics Morning 2nd
  16. MSc Geography Morning 2nd
  17. MSc Mathematics Morning 2nd
  18. MSc Pakistan Studies Morning 2nd
  19. MSc Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  20. MSc Physics Morning 2nd
  21. MSc Sociology Morning 2nd
  22. MSc Statistics Morning 2nd
  23. MSc Zoology Morning 2nd

Master Morning 3rd Merit List 2018

  1. MA Education
  2. MSc Botany
  3. MSc Chemistry
  4. MSc Economics
  5. MSc Geography
  6. MSc Mathematics
  7. MSc Sociology
  8. MSc Zoology

Masters Evening 1st Merit List

  1. LLB 3-Year
  2. MA Education
  3. MA English Linguistics and Literature
  4. MA English
  5. MA Mass Communication
  6. MA Political Science
  7. MBA Banking and Finance
  8. MBA Business Administration
  9. MBA Industrial Management
  10. M-Com
  11. MPA Public Administration
  12. MSc Applied Psychology
  13. MSc Botny
  14. MSc Chemistry
  15. MSc Economics
  16. MSc Geography
  17. MSc Mathematics
  18. MSc Pakistan Studies
  19. MSc Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  20. MSc Physics
  21. MSc Sociology
  22. MSc Zoology

Masters Evening 2nd Merit List

  1. LLB 3-Year
  2. MA Education
  3. MA English Linguistics and Literature
  4. MA English
  5. MA Mass Communication
  6. MA Political Science
  7. MBA Banking and Finance
  8. MBA Business Administration
  9. M-Com
  10. MPA Public Administration
  11. MSc Applied Psychology
  12. MSc Botany
  13. MSc Chemistry
  14. MSc Economics
  15. MSc Mathematics
  16. MSc Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  17. MSc Physics
  18. MSc Sociology
  19. MSc Zoology

MS & M.Phil Evening 1st Merit Lists

  1. MPhil Applied Chemistry
  2. MPhil Applied Linguistics
  3. MPhil Botany
  4. MPhil Commerce
  5. MPhil Economics
  6. MPhil Education
  7. MPhil English
  8. MPhil Environmental Engineering
  9. MPhil Environmental Science
  10. MPhil History
  11. MPhil Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
  12. MPhil Islamic Studies
  13. MPhil Mathematics
  14. MPhil Microbiology
  15. MPhil Organic Chemistry
  16. MPhil Pakistan Studies
  17. MPhil Physical Chemistry
  18. MPhil Physics
  19. MPhil Political Science
  20. MPhil Sociology
  21. MPhil Statistics
  22. MPhil Urdu
  23. MPhil Wildlife and Fisheries
  24. MPhil Zoology
  25. MS Bioinformatics
  26. MS Biotechnology
  27. MS Business Administration
  28. MS Food and Nutrition
  29. MS Nano Technology
  30. MS Public Administration

MS & M.Phil Evening 2nd Merit Lists

  1. M.Phil Physics
  2. MPhil Applied Chemistry
  3. MPhil Biochemistry
  4. MPhil Botany
  5. MPhil Commerce
  6. MPhil Economics
  7. MPhil Education
  8. MPhil International Relations
  9. MPhil Microbiology
  10. MPhil Organic Chemistry
  11. MPhil Physical Chemistry
  12. MPhil Sociology
  13. MS Business Administration
  14. MS Public Administration

Government college Faisalabad is established as a primary school before the independence but upgraded to the college after few year of services well after the independence of Pakistan this college start offering master programmes in different discipline and faculty so seeing the record of the College this college got a charter from the Government of Pakistan and become a degree awarding University of Pakistan. This is one of the fine institutions of the society that produce scholars. The master degree courses will start  as in the advertisement of the admission of master degree official clearly mentioned that the classes will be commence so before 21st the final merit list will be display.

most expected date for display of master level Merit list 2018 is the mid of the month October before Eid-Ul-Azha. As GCU Faisalabad Undergraduate Merit Lists 2018 will be display on  April, 2018 so after 3 to 4 days the master degree merit list will also be available on this page. so there is no need to search any more or go on to another page for getting GC University Faisalabad Master Degree Merit List 2018 as all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd merit list will be firstly available on this page and then any other educational portal of Pakistan so stay in touch and keep yourself up to dates regarding the Merit list date.


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