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NUST Merit Calculator 2024 NUST Aggregate Formula

Many of the students who are finding the NUST Merit Calculator 2024 NUST Aggregate Formula can now download it. The National University Sciences and Technology is a well-reputed institute and works on research under the surveillance of armed forces. The main campus of this university is located in Islamabad while some of the sub-campuses are working in different cities of Pakistan. Every year they announce the admission and bundle of the students enrolled while some of the students do not join due to low marks. Marks are very important because when you apply they give admission on the basis of merit because thousands of students apply at a time and they will not allow admission to all the students. then they choose the students according to merit. So those people selected for admission who have got the highest marks in matric and inter-class as well as in entry test.

Nust Aggregate Calculator 2024

Gather the NUST Merit Calculator 2024 because you can calculate the merit criteria. Every year they announced a limited no of seats but the no of applicants was very high. The organization decided and announced that all the enrollments would be on a merit basis. So when the university takes the entry test then prepare the merit list according to merit criteria.

Matric Marks 25%
Inter Marks 45%
ECAT Entry Test MARKS 30%


  • Marks in SSC 25/1100 + Marks in HSSC 45/1100 + Marks in Entry Test 30/400=

NUST Merit Calculator 2021 NUST Aggregate Formula

NUST Aggregate Formula 2024

For knowledge, the people who are finding the NUST Aggregate Formula 2024, can gather from this page. Moreover, Just you will enter the matric marks, inter marks, and entry test marks and then divide them. Your aggregate merit will appear in front of your eyes.

Many of the well-reputed institutes are working in Pakistan and those are giving admission on a merit basis. Moreover, especially government institutes will allow admission on a merit base. So if you meet the criteria of merit then you will join a government institute otherwise you will be out of this race. Same as it NUST organizations take the entry test calculate the merit and then announce the final list for those students who will be eligible for admission.

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