UET Lahore Last Year Merit List 2017 Expected 2018

Here I have assembled the University of Engineering and Technology UET Lahore Last Year Merit List 2017 Expected 2018. Every year the merit is gradually raising due to immense competition among engineering students. So with the assessment of previous year’s merits we can expect that how the last merit will be this year for Engineering UET Entry Test 2018. After conducting this test, a list of selected candidates (Merit List) is prepared which decides that whom students are eligible to take admission in BSc engineering in any Government College and university all over the Punjab Province. I am suggesting you that you must be familiar with the last year merit so that you can make your target to chase the least required aggregates. Any student who will not obtain the least merit will not be able to take admission in any government engineering college or university. Well students the UET Lahore is going to conduct the engineering entry test on Sunday 15th July, 2018 at different centers in all over the Punjab province. Students who have submitted their UET ECAT registration forms latest by 30th June, 2018 are now must be holding their admittance cards (roll number slips). Never miss to bring this roll number slip along you on the right date and time of test at right place written in that admittance card. It is because if any student who do not bring his/ her UET Lahore Entry Test Roll No Slips 2018 will not be allowed to sit in the test center. So keep these instructions in mind and keep on reading to get UET Lahore Last Year Merit List 2017 Expected 2018.

UET Lahore Last Year Merit List 2017 Expected 2018

UET Lahore Last Year Merit List 2017 Expected 2018

UET Lahore last year merit list 2017 For BSc Engineering

DisciplineCategoryCampus1stMerit List Minimum Score2ndMerit List Minimum Score
Builiding&Architectural EnggALHR76.302272775.6022727
Builiding&Architectural EnggSLHR67.870454567.8045455
Chemical EngineeringSKSK68.534090967.4545455
Chemical EngineeringAFSD74.674.0272727
Chemical EngineeringSLHR69.104545568.5340909
Chemical EngineeringAPKSK75.740909175.2409091
Chemical EngineeringAKSK76.797727376.3818182
Chemical EngineeringALHR77.359090977.05
Chemical EngineeringILHR70.217647170.2176471
Chemical EngineeringIKSK65.863235365.8632353
City&Regional PlanningALHR74.140909173.2045455
City&Regional PlanningNLHR74.17573.975
Computer EngineeringALHR78.072727377.875
Computer EngineeringSLHR69.013636469.0136364
Computer ScienceALHR75.893181875.3204545
Computer ScienceSLHR71.218181871.2181818
Computer ScienceARCET72.940909172.9568182
Electrical EngineeringILHR70.956716468.8399254
Electrical EngineeringIKSK69.939925468.6788732
Electrical EngineeringARCET74.97574.3954545
Electrical EngineeringANWL73.822727373.3386364
Electrical EngineeringAPKSK77.520454577.1659091
Electrical EngineeringAFSD76.929545576.6863636
Electrical EngineeringAKSK80.093181879.8954545
Electrical EngineeringALHR82.393181882.2363636
Electrical EngineeringSRCET67.968181867.8704545
Electrical EngineeringSLHR72.279545572.1954545
Electrical EngineeringSKSK68.809090968.7795455
Electrical EngineeringSILHR60.780985960.7809859
Electrical EngineeringSFSD67.618181867.6181818
Electrical EngineeringNLHR81.036363681.0363636
Electrical EngineeringLLHR81.659090981.6590909
Electrical EngineeringOLHR80.106818280.1068182
Electrical EngineeringPLHR73.409782673.4097826
Electrical EngineeringRLHR81.215909181.2159091
Enviromental EngineeringALHR74.318181873.5318182
Enviromental EngineeringSLHR67.804545567.6386364
Geological EngineeringALHR73.759090973.1477273
Geological EngineeringSLHR68.715909168.7159091
Industrial &Manufacturing EnggSLHR67.495454566.5681818
Industrial &Manufacturing EnggALHR76.261363675.7977273
Industrial &Manufacturing EnggARCET73.338636472.9409091
Industrial &Manufacturing EnggIRCET68.850746368.8507463
Industrial &Manufacturing EnggILHR69.719718369.7197183
Mechanical EngineeringNLHR80.490909177.5568182
Mechanical EngineeringARCET75.184090974.3454545
Mechanical EngineeringSLHR72.195454571.3659091
Mechanical EngineeringANWL73.768181873.2636364
Mechanical EngineeringAKSK79.068181878.6272727
Mechanical EngineeringSKSK70.502272770.2295455
Mechanical EngineeringAPKSK77.902272777.6386364
Mechanical EngineeringSRCET68.597727368.375
Mechanical EngineeringALHR80.57580.4022727
Mechanical EngineeringILHR71.754477671.7544776
Mechanical EngineeringLLHR80.911363680.9113636
Mechanical EngineeringOLHR79.152272779.1522727
Mechanical EngineeringPLHR72.120454572.1204545
Mechanical EngineeringIRCET71.122388171.1223881
Mechatronics & Control EnggAFSD74.802272774.4795455
Mechatronics & Control EnggALHR79.304545579.0363636
Mechatronics & Control EnggSLHR70.581818270.5227273
Mechatronics & Control EnggILHR64.755555664.7555556
Mechatronics & Control EnggSFSD66.822727366.9909091
Metallurgical & Materials EnggALHR75.722727374.825
Metallurgical & Materials EnggILHR64.711764764.7117647
Mining EngineeringALHR73.847727373.1136364
Petroleum & Gas EngineeringSLHR72.647727372.6477273
Polymer EngineeringSLHR68.165909166.3659091
Polymer EngineeringALHR74.206818273.3318182
Product & Industrial DesignSLHR67.909090967.4090909
Product & Industrial DesignALHR73.531818273.1636364
Transportation EngineeringALHR74.822727373.6090909

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UET Lahore ECAT Merit Expected 2018

Well students as you have seen that the merit of electrical engineering in 2015 was 77% while this merit was increased to 82.23% in 2016; similarly in 2017 the merit was 82. 79%. Which means the merit is gradually raising with the ratio of .1 and .2 % every year. So as per the previous advancement in merits we can expect and conclude that this year the merit will increased with 2 to 3 % in each discipline. It means that all the students have to make their best preparations for this UET Engineering Entry Test. You can see the last merit of 2017 from the above shown table for your engineering discipline, and make you prepare to take over that last merit.

This is all about UET Lahore Last Year Merit List 2017 Expected 2018. Hope you are all now fully aware with the advancement of merit every year and ready to face that immense conditions to pursue your career towards engineering fields. Now you have no need to shuffle on any other page to get any detail about University of Engineering and Technology UET Engineering College Admissions Test ECAT. Send your query about UET Engineering Entry test merit list via comment section below of this passage.

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