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Teacher Day In Pakistan 2021

Teacher Day In Pakistan 2021 shall be celebrated on 5th October 2021. Many years ago teachers day was the issue analyzing day. On the call of the Federation of All Pakistan Universities, Academic Staff Association, International Day of Teachers was observed as Black Day and classes were boycotted by teachers at Quaid-i-Azam University on Tuesday.

Teacher Day In Pakistan 2021

The teachers were protesting against drastic cuts in the budget of higher education, the gruesome murder of Dr Farooq Khan, Vice-Chancellor of proposed Islamic University, Swat, and the kidnapping of Dr Ajmal Khan, Vice-Chancellor of Islamia College University, Peshawar.

Carrying placards and banners and chanting slogans, teachers of Quaid-i-Azam University gathered in large number at the Social Sciences Block, from where they made a round of the Campus including the old Administration Block. The 90-minute rally peacefully ended at the Social Sciences Block. The slogans included “Provide protection to teachers,” “Increase education budget” and “Reduce defence budget.” Hope all these things never happened on Teacher Day In Pakistan 2021.

Teacher Day In Pakistan 2021

The placards were inscribed with “Cut on education budget is a death sentence for academics,” “Release the promised funds,” Ensure security of VCs and staff,” “Dr Farooq’s murder: whose responsibility?” “Save, teachers, save future of the nation” and “If teachers are killed and kidnapped like this, what is the future of education?”

Happy Teachers’ Day date in Pakistan 2021

Teachers and students celebrate Teacher day in Pakistan and now people students are searching for the on which date teachers day is celebrated in Pakistan. So the final date of the teachers day is 5 October 2021 and across the world, all the teachers celebrate this day.

Happy Teachers’ Day Wishes in English:

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”

“Happy Teachers Day”

” Being one is the highest privilege having one is the best blessing “

“Happy Teachers Day”

“The way you teach…”

“The knowledge you share…”

“The care you take…”

“The love you shower…”

“Makes you…”

“The World’s best teacher…”

“Happy Teachers Day”

Addressing the gathering, Dr Gulraiz Akhtar, Secretary of QAU ASA, lamented that on Salam Teachers Day during a dictatorship, the teachers were awarded one scale up-gradation whereas, in a democratic era, it is being observed as a Black Day. He said that the governments only move when the teachers are forced to come on roads. He said that despite lofty claims of the Higher Education Commission last night, only a letter was faxed to universities that the government-sanctioned Rs 1.168 b and it will still take “a couple of days” when the promised money will actually be transferred.

Dr Eatzaz Ahmad, President of ASA, asked the government to reduce unnecessary expenditure and also slash the number of ministers. He said that the Governments of Pakistan and K-Pakhtoonkhwa should employ all resources to trace the killers of Dr Farooq and recover Dr Ajmal Khan. He demanded giving high priority to education in budgetary allocation. He said that the UK having a much bigger army is spending more on education than on defence.

He lamented that we depend on foreign aid to determine allocation for education and defence expenditure is met from revenue. He said we should allocate funding for education from revenue and decide the level of the defence budget on the basis of foreign aid.

Q.No.1. Why we celebrate Teachers Day in Pakistan?

ANS: In our society teacher is the only once person who change society and provide knowledge to the students. So we give the tribute to the teachers on teacher day.

Q.No.2. What is the best speech for teachers day?

ANS: For the knowledge of the students who are searching the which is the best speech for the teacher day. So, the best speech is mention on this page and students can read them and learn for teachers day.

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