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How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam At Home

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is one of the best test or measuring tool of English Language of non-native speakers. TOEFL is considered one of the two major English Language Tests in the world. How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam At Home procedure is listed. TOEFL is the trademark of the Educational Testing Service Test (ETS) which is a non-profit organization which designs and administered the test. This test is comprised of four sections which are reading listening, speaking and writing. Here below you can easily find the best detail information regarding how to prepare for TOEFL Exam at home. In this article, you will learn about How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam. This is the best TOEFL Test preparation guide in Pakistan. Students are also allowed to check TOEFL Test fee and preparation guide in Pakistan.

How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam At Home

How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam At Home

Language is not an easy task to master; it may take, days, months and even years to get perfection in the English language for non-natives. But below we are going to discuss the tips related to TOEFL Test to prepare well at home. There are four important and essential sections of TOEFL Test comprises of reading, listening, speaking and writing. But your preparation regarding TOEFL Test depends upon either you are appearing for Internet-based TOEFL Test (iBT) or TOEFL Test.

How to Prepare for TOEFL at Home?

Reading Comprehension:

Reading Comprehension is the best part for How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam At Home. It is one of the Top 10 Tips for TOEFL Test. The reading section is usually the structure of pronunciation, reading speed, accent, understanding of the meaning of words and sentences. It helps you to understand the meaning of a sentence or a word which the writer wants to convey through their words. Start a schedule to read maximum 500 to 1000 words English comprehensive passage, answers the following questions regarding vocabulary and main idea, and try to answer 50 questions in 55 mints. you can also find TOEFL practice online and also purchase a TOEFL test preparation book such as Borron’s TOEFL. Start reading newspapers, magazines and short stories and articles.

Listening Comprehensive:

Listening comprehensive will help you to familiar with vocabulary words and idioms. Make a schedule of listening ate east 2 listening comprehensive which help you to increase your hearing and listening ability to answer clearly and correctly. Must try to practice 50 question of listening comprehensive within 30 to 40 minutes! You can also but “The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test” which is very helpful for the preparation of TOEFL at home.


The speaking section of TOEFL consists of four tasks two independent and four integrated. If you really want to score well in TOEFL Test. This is quite a difficult section of Test. If you will familiar with the questions of speaking section of the TOEFL Test you will be able to score well in this hard level of this Test. Speaking is also best for How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam At Home.

Writing Expression and Structure:

Written expression is one of the hardest levels and sections to score well. You must take a keen look at grammar and parts of speech, punctuation, idioms in order to beat this section because you have only 25 mins to complete 40 questions in this section of TOEFL Test. You should start writing essay and content daily by reading some comprehension passage daily and try to answer the question within 25 mints round about 40 to 50 questions. Mangoosh is one of the best plate forms to prepare for TOEFL Test. Try to focus on you weaknesses it make it strength point such as

  • Content weakness
  • Format weakness
  • Writing Strategies

This is the process through which you can check How To Prepare For TOEFL Exam At Home.