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School Leaving Certificate Application Format in Pakistan

School Leaving Certificate Application Format in Pakistan as this is the document which is being issued by the educational institutions when any of their student is leaving the school for any respective reason, the main purpose for the acquiring of the school leaving certificate is to give assurance to the student that he/she has completed the time span in the school, the character and the personality of the student is also mentioned and at the same time it also confirms that till which class the student has completed its education in that very school?

School leaving certificate is generally issued to the student after he/she submits the application in the administration of the school, and once the application is processed than after a given time period the school leaving certificate is being issued and handed over to the student. In Pakistan majority of the students are unaware regarding the format of the application as what to write and how to write in that application? Here is the guide for the students of Pakistan so that they can get the awareness regarding the format of the application required for the issuance of the school leaving certificate.

School Leaving Certificate Application Format in Pakistan

School Leaving Application Format in Pakistan

1.      At the very start of the application it comes to whom the application is being written to? In this start the student must write the name of the head master or the principal of the school, followed by his/her designation and after that the name of the school. Make one thing sure that this should be left aligned with the margin.

2.      Now we have the Subject, where the student must mention the punch line of the application as after reading the subject the respondent should get the concept clear that for which purpose the application is being written? The subject should be “Request to issue the School Leaving Certificate”

3.      After the subject we have the content, which is also known as the material of the application. In this paragraph the student should the application to the respondent and then after greetings do inform him with your problem, as you are in need of the school leaving certificate, also do mention the reason for which you are leaving the schools and why you need the school leaving certificate. Make one thing obvious that you don’t use any negativity regarding your previous institution as tray as much you can to be positive and humble.

4.      After ending the paragraph do thank him/her and followed by Your Sincerely which should be at the right below corner of the application with your name, roll number and later in the end followed by the date.

School Leaving Certificate Application Format in Pakistan

If you are also writing this School Leaving Certificate for any of your reason then do kept in mind these rules and regulation. Complete the application according to the given Application format of Pakistan and submit it in the admin section of your school and in response you will be able to get your School leaving certificate easily.

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