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Child Labor in Pakistan Essay/Speech

Today our topic is Child Labor in Pakistan Essay/Speech. Child Labour is an alarming issue for Nations that are developing like Pakistan. So here is the Essay or Speech. So that in any competition you can speak about Child Labor in Pakistan. Pakistan is amongst those unfortunate countries in which child labor is at its peak, children who are considered to be innocent are being used to perform work that is beyond their capability which should be taken as an act of brutality. Child labor is a crime and in the constituency of Pakistan it must be penalized and should be condemned but still, it is being done without any shame, embarrassment, and freedom. Organizations are working in the country which are deliberately encouraging child labor and the most brutal and cruel act is when the children are forced to beg on the roads of the country. Various NGOs are working for the rehabilitation of such children but still, the mafias behind these activities are stronger than these NGOs.

Child Labor in Pakistan Essay/Speech

Child Labor in Pakistan

Recently in Sialkot, a group of people was being arrested by the local police who were involved in indulging children forcefully for begging on the roads, and almost 20 of the children were rescued from them. This tells how inhuman we are getting that children who are the future of the state and who will be running the country in the upcoming time are being destroyed. Not only begging is a form of Child Labor in Pakistan, but we can also see all around our surroundings and we can find that children who should have books in their hands are having dirty plates, tools, and shoes of the people. According to a survey made in early 2013, almost 41% of the total children in the state have been exposed to child labor in one or another means. The main cause behind the popularity of child labor in Pakistan is the ever-increasing unemployment and inflation which has dragged many families below the poverty line.

Parents are forced to send their children to work instead of going to school because they don’t have the affordability and at the same time, they need an earning hand that can contribute to the expenses of the family. The government has to be blamed for making the conditions even worse due to their education policy which has restricted good and quality education only to the children of landlords and wealthy families because education in Pakistan is getting more and more expensive and beyond the affordability of many families. So under such circumstances, they have no other alternative other than sending their children to work so that they can survive in this competitive society and this will increase the rate of Child Labor in Pakistan.

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