Pakistan Independence Day Speech for Students

Muslims were the nation with pride and dignity, they were the nation which used to stare at the world with no fear, they were the one who introduced the ideology of Brotherhood, Equality and patience, they were the one who were considered to be the strongest nation in the world and that is why we had the history of conquering the entire world on the name of Islam, same was being observed on 14th August 1947 when one Muslim leader stared in the eyes of Hindus and British administration and dared to acquire an independent homeland for Muslims and not just asked for the land but literally snatched the golden bird from the mouth of the Hindus. When Pakistan came in to being we were a nation we were united and we had the aim of prosper and success but as soon the nation got what they wished for they never stood again for the stability and the growth of the country and that is why we as a nation are going from bad to worse. It is just a start of Pakistan Independence Day Speech for Students

Pakistan Independence Day Speech for Students

Pakistan Independence Day Speech for Students

And that is one major reason for which today we are included in one of the most backward and less developed countries in the world which are heavily equipped by the problems of terrorism, weak economy, political instability, unemployment, high inflation, lowest literacy rates and many more. Still we are not getting the right direction, our nation were the founders of the ideology of equality and patience and today we are the most selfish and most impatient nation which is only self concerned and self centered, as neither we are fulfilling our social and cultural responsibilities nor we are fulfilling our religious obligations, which means that we are imparting from both the religion and the world which is immensely threatening for both the worldly life and endangers even the life after death.

Pakistan Independence Day was achieved by many sacrifices. The sacrifices make everyone realize that how to celebrate Independence Day with the full authority. Youm-e-azadi is the important day. The Pakistan was the undo reality after 100 years under the British era. The British era was the dark era for Indo Pakistan’s future. Allah almighty always prefer to hardwork and in the case of quaid e azam the leadership for the separate state believed as the sole authority of Pakistan. After many sacrifices, 14 august 1947 was the day when Allah almighty regards the hardwork of Quaid-e-azam. The country formation based on the Islamic teachings developed at that time. 14 august was the day when hardwork of every muslim of that time make government realize about the existence of Pakistan. One knows that you are reading about the Pakistan Independence Day Speech for Students but

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Today we need someone who can be the next Mohammad Ali Jinnah who will reunite the nation and bring them on one platform and one ideology so that we can regain what we have lost from the past and at the same time can rectify the misconception of the religion Islam which is being displayed and assumed in the outer world. We Pakistanis are under the burden of thousands of martyrs and their blood which was drained in the cause of independence and if we continue the same then we will be the one who will be responsible for wasting the entire efforts of our ancestors as they will go in vein.The way is going to consider the speech beyond the jurisdictions. You will be surprise to see any challenges associated with the Pakistan Independence Day Speech for Students

In 1947 Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had united, unified and strengthen nation behind him which was striving for a separate piece of homeland and today after 66 years of independence the situation is adverse to the one in 1947 as today we do have a separate piece of homeland but we don’t have a unified, strong and True Nation. GOD Bless Pakistan!


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