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Winter Season in Pakistan Essay

For the knowledge of the students, we are going to write an essay on the Winter Season in Pakistan. Pakistan is a blessed Country. It’s mostly cold in the regions of highlands and hot and humid in the tropical regions. And by the grace of Almighty Allah Pakistan is one of the countries that experience four Seasons Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. The first one is the winter season which lasts from December to March. Then comes the season of beauty which is spring season which lasts from March to May. The hot season called summer lasts between May to September. Summer also comprises a moon-soon season with heavy rainfalls in a few regions of the country. Lastly in October and November, the people of Pakistan experience the Autumn season which bids adieu to all the previous leaves and branches of the trees and prepares themselves for the New ones. Further, the Winter Season in Pakistan and which places are available in Pakistan for enjoyment are here.

Winter Season in Pakistan Essay

If we Talk about the Winter Season in Pakistan, cold Nights, chill breezes, short days, and long nights all are the perks of the winter season. In Pakistan, the winter season starts in December and ends in about March. People in Pakistan never see snow in the winter season. This season is characterized by heavy precipitation yet people enjoy this season. The Winter season is really enjoyed by the people of Pakistan as it brings bundles of joy along it.

The Winter season due to being cold affects the health of people. It causes flu and fever in children as well. So, the people cover themselves with jackets, cardigans, shawls, caps, and some thick stuff to protect themselves from the cold. But meanwhile, some people are maintaining their fashion game. Especially for the youth, they wore branded jackets, sneakers, and Bennie that make them look cool and stylish. That’s why most young people prefer winters over summers so that they can achieve their fashion goals. Enjoying coffee with their friends in the cafeteria of their institutes is one of their favorite leisure time activities in winter. Well, the winter season also brings other delights that could be enjoyed.

Firstly, the cardinal thing that people enjoy is dry fruits. The demand for dry fruits increases in this season. People are likely to purchase walnuts, almonds, dates, figs, cashews, pistachios, and many other varieties of dry fruits. Dry fruits are a vital source of minerals and vitamins and especially in the cold seasons they somehow help to maintain the body temperature of humans. But as the season approaches the price of dry fruits increases. People in Pakistan are mostly living below the poverty line and cannot afford such costly dry fruits so they prefer eating other food.

Fish is one of the selling foods in winter in Pakistan. Fish markets do good business in the winter seasons. It also becomes beneficial for the economy of the country. in Pakistan, fish is sold at affordable prices. But meanwhile, the production of fish increases, and a massive amount of fish is exported to different countries of the world in winter. The people living abroad love to eat the marine goods exported from Pakistan. This helps the country to earn a handsome amount of money from abroad. The income proves to be very effective for the economy of the country. Likewise, Fish has also been proven medically beneficial for human beings. They are rich in fatty acids that boost the immunity of the body, they help in the functioning of the brain, liver, and skin. Coal-roasted fish is especially for diabetic people. Well, fish is eaten by many people with love and proves to be beneficial for their physical fitness and health in the winter season. Meanwhile, read more info about the Winter Season in Pakistan below.

Winter Months in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are 3 basic months which is considered highly cold. During these months in northern areas the ratio of snow increases. Pakistani people prefer to visit the northern areas like Murree and some others.

  • November
  • December
  • January

As per family gatherings and parties are concerned, they also increase in the winter season. The people arrange B.B.Q parties. They roast their favorite meat on a broiler in the cold atmosphere and enjoy eating it while sitting outdoors in the cold breeze and cold weather. Similarly, People also gather to enjoy bonfires in the winter season. They arrange their meals and invite their friends and family to enjoy dinner along with a bonfire party. Hot Soup is also an addition to their wonderful gatherings. The Season eventually brings joy into the lives of people. Though they face a bit of difficulty in their work due to extreme cold they use different ways to keep themselves warm. This is the info about the Winter Season in Pakistan.


Which month is coldest in Pakistan?

January is one of the coldest months of the year.

Are there 4 seasons in Pakistan?

Yes, four seasons in Pakistan.


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