14 August Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay

14 August Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay: 14th August is the day which will be remembered as long as Pakistan is on the map of this world because this was the day on which Pakistan got freedom from the tyranny rule of Hindus and British in India Subcontinent. Muslims were always being considered as the minority in the Subcontinent and that is why their rights were always being overruled and neglected and that increased the dissatisfaction and uncertainty amongst the Muslim nation as they starting feeling got suffocated under the rule of Hindus and that is when under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah all the Muslims gathered on one platform and from there they started their strive for a separate homeland where they can practice their religion with religious freedom and equality.

14 August Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay

The independence of Pakistan is history now but we should learn one thing from this fight for freedom that never takes the rights of the people in your own hand because it results in such partitions of land and nation.

14 August Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay

The example for this again for Pakistan is the creation of Bangladesh. At the time of the independence in 1947, Pakistan was having two parts the East Pakistan and West Pakistan. The same overruling of the rights was being done here as well as East Pakistan was being neglected from the governance. And it was being ignored as all the investment and developments were being done in West Pakistan. This created a sense of urgency, revenge, and dissatisfaction amongst the Muslims of East Pakistan. This feeling was not new for them as they felt the same when their rights were being assaulted in subcontinent under the Hindu rule, the same was being done here as they were miss treated, dealt unfairly and were not given their rights.

What was the result of this behavior? Another partition and another movement for independence, East Pakistan decided to get separated from West Pakistan and decided to rule their part of land according to them fairly, East Pakistan is now known as Bangladesh which separated their way from West Pakistan. This was being done in the late 1960s and was considered to be one of the biggest losses of the Pakistan and Muslim nation.

14 August Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay

Pakistan government and its people are still not taking any lessons from the past as not just once. But twice they have witnessed the result of unfair treatment and not giving the people their due rights but unfortunately, no one is taking the lesson from the past. Still, in our provinces of the country, we are laying the foundation of another civil disobedience and GOD forbid there might be another possibility that any province.

No matter it would be Sindh, Baluchistan or KPK will stand and will demand the separate homeland because the rights of the people are being snatched and for sure there is no equality in the provinces as few provinces are being totally neglected by the federal government. We still have time to survive and to improve the condition because what happened in 1947 was in our favor but what happened to East Pakistan was a big loss and what further can happen be even more devastating and injurious to the solidarity and the growth of Pakistan.

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  1. We love pakistan and we will never let the enemies to harm our country.we will defend our country till our last breath.

  2. Long Live Pakistan and Dil Dil Pakistan, Jan Jan Pakistan.
    Congratulation to all the Pakistani Independence day.

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  4. Pakistan is our home land we should take care of it….Because our leaders like;Muhammad ali jinnah,liaqat ali khan,sir syed ahmed khan etc ..has do many struggle on it..this history is sooo big that im not able to tell u..sorry ..


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