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Botany Scope in Pakistan

Would you like to study Botany? What can you do with a degree in botany?  How much money can you make? and how big the profession is discussed in this article. Pakistan is an agrarian country; hence botany plays an essential role there. The health of plant life and agricultural ecosystems is also dependent on the work of botanists in developing nations. In the agricultural sector, competent zoologists are also required. The majority of the teams consist of botanists and zoologists. Zookeepers are tasked with the study of wildlife. Botanists, meanwhile, have extensive plant knowledge. Only livestock farms are affected by this. The study of animals is also gaining popularity in Pakistan day by day. Here below you can find complete detailed information regarding the scope of Botany, subjects, and salary in Pakistan.

Scope of Botanical Studies in Pakistan

Pakistan is a major crop-producing region. To have an impact on ecosystems, a substantial quantity of plants is required. Some plants are adapted specifically to the extremes of moisture seen in Pakistan. This means Pakistan requires scientists who specialize in botany. They investigate all kinds and share their findings. The improvement of plant life is another focus.

The field of botany is exciting since it offers so many potential career tracks. You can pursue careers in various areas. If you’re interested in woods, you can train to be a forester. The study of ecology, likewise, has much to offer. You manipulate the natural world. The things you work with have an impact on our daily lives. Breeding plants is the specialty of plant breeders. Most of their time is spent cultivating land for new plant life. All of these are generally considered necessary for human survival.

There are numerous career paths open to someone with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in botany. There is a large gardening workforce in Pakistan. With these abilities, you can pursue a career in science or taxonomy.

Botany Scope in Pakistan

Salary of Botanist in Pakistan

No doubt botany is also an emerging field in Pakistan. There are a variety of payment structures for botany majors. This is totally up to you and the kind of work you’re looking for. Less money is paid to teachers. The salary of a botanist in Pakistan is starting from 25000 to 120000 per month.  The salary of a botanist may also vary or depend on the duty and nature of the job.

Salary Amount of Botanist 25000 to 120000 per month

Subjects of Botany

Here is the list of major subjects you have to study in Botany

  • Biology
  • Ecology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Phytogeography
  • Anatomy
  • Mycology
  • Agronomy
  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Taxonomy
  • Phycology
  • Genomics
  • Biostatistics
  • Biochemistry
  • Plant Anatomy
  • Economic Botany
  • Embryology
  • Phytochemistry
  • Agronomy
  • Evolution
  • Paleobotany

Who is the father of Botany?

Theophrastus was a Greek scientist who is notable for his contributions to the fields of botany, zoology, and embryology. He is often referred to as the “Father of Botany.” Because of his curiosity, he decided to research and educate himself on a variety of topics, including germination, cultivation, and propagation. The ability to classify different kinds of plants into distinct categories was one of the things he picked up. It is generally agreed that he was one of the first humans to study plants and that he was a disciple of the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle. The study of plants and what sets them apart from other organisms is known as botany. He is credited with being the first person to begin farming. Based on the characteristics of their growth habit, he classified plants as flowers, shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, or biennials. He also classified plants into categories according to where they are found, the functions they provide, and the ways in which they develop.

Plus, he is the author of “Historia Plantarum,” which is a book about plants, and “De Causis Plantarum,” which is a book about how plants grow and what they can be used for. Because he published so extensively on the subject of flora, he is known as the “Father of Botany

Best Topic for Presentation in Botany

The study of plants, including their structure, growth, reproduction, metabolic processes, diseases, and categorization, is referred to as botany.

When putting together a presentation on botany, you have the option of focusing on a variety of subfields within the field, such as Plant Anatomy, Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Taxonomy and Systematics, Plant Breeding and Horticulture, and so on.

Additionally, you are able to download any and all Botany PPT presentations without having to subscribe to anything or pay any fees

Career Opportunities for Botanists

More employment opportunities will open up. More and more companies are looking to hire botanists. Jobs that require a botany degree can be found in the following industries in Pakistan:

  • Research institutions

Botanists who specialize in plant genetics can earn higher salaries at some universities. The DNA of plants provides insight into their adaptability to varied environments. The research and botanical facilities in Pakistan require updating. Plants make up the majority of lab subjects. Roses, flowers, and other beneficial items can fall into this category.

  • Agriculture-related businesses

The plant industry employs a sizable number of botanists. They toil to improve the products they offer to consumers. Plants make up the bulk of an animal’s diet. However, even specialists like botanists need to have excellent communication skills. Short courses in interpersonal communication are required. You should always be at the top of your game as a professional Botanist.

  • Green activists

Environmental organizations also recognize the usefulness of botanists. To improve urban and suburban living, these groups take on unique initiatives.

  • Division of Forestry

Pakistan is heavily forested. Botanists play a crucial role in conserving biodiversity.

  • Ecological Advice Firm

If you have a background in botany, you may get employment as an environmental consultant. In this role, you consult with public and private entities to improve environmental conditions.

  • Jobs in education

In Pakistan, the majority of college graduates work in education. Plants are a versatile subject that can be taught beginning in eighth grade. You can also instruct students about plants in higher education.

  • Nursery managers

The people in authority determine the standard of their schools. You have the option of opening or working in a nursery. You get to cultivate plants and observe their development. Plants, both indoor and outdoor, provide practical use in modern life.

  • Medical Doctor specializing in Molecular Biology

A molecular scientist’s education and experience requirements are the highest of any profession. You can trust their expertise. To better understand plants, researchers conduct experiments in controlled environments. Finally, a report on their findings is written.

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