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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television Essay In English

Television is one of the most splendid inventions of the 20th century. This is the fastest mode of media. The word Television is the combination of two words such as “Tele” and “Vision”. The word television means distance and the word vision means to see, so the meaning of the word television is to see at a distance. We can easily see the movement of people on television from a distant place. Television is the best source of information, science, entertainment, and news which are taking place on daily basis in different areas of the world. You can get the idea of the Advantages And Disadvantages Of a Television Essay In English here on this page.

All things in this world have some positive and negative characteristics. Similarly, there are so many advantages as well disadvantages of television. Here below I am going to describe some of the major advantages or disadvantages of Television.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television Essay In English

Television is one of the common media in use. It is the best instant and cheap source to know about daily updates. It updates us with daily happenings taking place in the different areas of the world. It is also helpful in educational learning. There is a number of educational programs are available on television. Several other informative shows and programs are also broadcast on Television. There are also shows telecasted on science and technology. These programs are very helpful for students. It develops motivational levels among them.  If you really want to update with the world’s news you can watch TV. Many cartoons and animated programs are telecasted for children.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television Essay In English

As you know there is a huge number of TV channels are now available. So, there is huge competition among them. They try to telecast the news on the basis of its media requirements whether it is good or not. This competition somehow leads to fake news.

If you were once addicted to TV it will badly affect your routine. You became an idol in front of the Television. The effect of continuously watching TV is very bad for students. The student becomes diverted from studies towards the TV. TV ads and commercials also ruining people’s life. It attracts the people towards different products. It tempted ways to gain the attention of people. People became conscious of brands, luxury, and shopping. It causes a great imbalance in those families who isn’t able to afford these brands and luxuries. It is all about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television Essay In English

In spite of above these, no doubt Television plays a vital role in information and knowledge. But it tries to avoid watching continuously for several hours may affect your mental health and eyes. In the current century, television is losing its worth with the invention of different Social Media and the internet.

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