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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Science Essay

We are living in the Era of science. In this article, I am telling you about the advantages and disadvantages of Science technology. Man is progressing in this world through the progressing in science. Man life is securing due to science technology. Today people are totally dependent on science; they influence the science at every moment in their life. When we move our eyes throughout the world, there is the great achievement of science in medicine; commerce etc. science has made a vital role in healthcare. (Advantages and Disadvantages of Science Essay in English)

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Science Essay In Points English

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Science Essay In Points English

Revolutionary Advancements in Field of Science:

There are great achievements in science in the medical field, and people are developing medicines that target the human beings accordingly. Cancer treatment has developed and now the mortality and morbidity rate is less. All impossible things have made possible through science. People are traveling here and there throughout the world. Everything has advantages and disadvantages so as the science, science is good as well as are destructive because people are misusing it. People are using atomic energy in war and fight. We should use science for a constructive purpose and should preserve this technology for the benefit of mankind.

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything.

Advantages of Science:

  • Made Life Stable and Easy: Life becomes easy, stable and calm through science.
  • Easy Access To Traveling and Communication: Travelling and communication become easy fast through science and technology.
  • Incline in Living Standards: Living standard has inclined. Moreover, hardships have decreased.
  • Adding Miracles in Lifestyle, Science treats our long distances, brings comfort and lifts the nature. Traveling, IT, telephone, and television are the major miracles of science.
  • Greater Understanding of life: It would help us to understand more about the things that

Disadvantages of Science:

  • A Greater Source of Destruction: Destruction of science is that it can destroy each and everything within a second. The inventions of the bomb have increased human destruction.
  • Involvement of Illegal Things: People are doing illegal things.
  • Destroying Mindset of Children: Children life are destructing by using mobile, laptops etc. children have bad effects of science technology and are afraid of terrorist.
  • Birth of Different Types of Diseases: Different type of diseases is present due to the harmful rays of the devices.
  • The decrease in Natural Beauty: Natural beauty is decreasing. Satellites are using for intelligence purpose.
  • Turning Human into Robot: Science has turned human into a robot.
  • Bad Impact on Students: Students have a bad impact and it snatches the peace of mankind. If there will be a 3rd world war, the nuclear weapons the most disaster invention will destroy the whole mankind.

Important English Essay Topics

So to save our students, we should highlight both the advantages and disadvantages. Science is no doubt known as the mother of nature. But every revolutionary thing in this world has bad points as well as good points too.
So this is the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Science Essay In Points for students. Students of Matric, Inter and bachelor program can use this Advantages And Disadvantages Of Science Essay in their presentation, assignment, exam preparation, and test.

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