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Off Season Vegetable Farming In Pakistan

Off-Season Vegetable Farming is the process of production of fresh vegetables before or after the normal season known as Off-Season Vegetable Farming or Production. The production of some specific vegetables under adverse climatic or economic conditions is called off-season or Counter Season Vegetable Farming or Production in Pakistan. Check complete detail about Off-Season Vegetable Farming In Pakistan Cost Business Plan Feasibility from this page. The main objective of Off-Season Vegetable Farming in Pakistan is to produce surplus vegetable supply for the market, especially during their lean period of supply. It needs highly specialized and modern techniques of vegetable production in the off-season. Also, check (how to start cattle farming in Pakistan)

We can say that due to diversity in the climatic conditions in different countries of the world, the vegetables are produced in the agro-climatic region in a normal season of production in most the countries, then the vegetation of these off-season vegetables are marketed to those countries where these vegetables can’t grow during that period of the season. Here below we are going to discuss the Off-Season Vegetable Farming in Pakistan, Pre Feasibility plan, and Business cost.

Off Season Vegetable Farming In Pakistan Cost Business Plan Feasibility

Off Season Vegetable Farming In Pakistan Cost Business Plan Feasibility

Off-Season Vegetable Farming in Pakistan Cost:

Vegetables are no doubt a rich natural source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. There is a huge demand for vegetables everywhere in the world. But most of the fruits that are not available throughout the year are season dependent. Off-season vegetable farming or production is the best way to produce vegetables and market them to other countries where these can’t grow during this period. An investment of approximately Rs. 3 million to 3.5 million is required to set up off-season farming with a low tunnel structure in Pakistan. On the other hand an investment of approximately Rs. 5.5 million to 6 million is required for the setup of high tunnel off-season farming in Pakistan.

Off-season vegetable and fruit production can be done in the following areas such as Faisalabad, Nankana, Khairabad, Swat, Islamabad, Tarnab, Mardan, Toba Tek Singh, Kamalia, Rahim Yar Khan, Mirpur Khas, Nankana, in addition to some other location in Sindh and Baluchistan. The off-season vegetables are cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, bitter gourd, round gourd, pumpkin, tomato, sweet pepper, chilies, etc.

Off Season Vegetable Farming in Pakistan Business Plan Feasibility:

There are so many offseason cultivation methods of vegetables but we are normally following Natural methods from a selection of appropriate areas and Artificial Methods. Vegetables are grown in those areas where climatic conditions are moderate for both normal and off-season farming. While under the artificial method of farming is comprised of growing beneath the Sarkanda, building greenhouses, and plastic tunnels. Plastic tunnels are the best offseason farming involves low tunnels, high tunnels, and walk-in tunnels vegetable farming structures.

The production of 50 tons of tomato, 20 tons of sweet pepper, and 45 tons of cucumber 4 acres, 2 acres, and 3 acres of land is required for the cultivation of off-season respectively under a high tunnel farming setup. So we conclude that 9 acres of land produce 345 tons of vegetables such as potato, sweet pepper, watermelon, muskmelon, brinjal, pumpkin, bitter gourd, etc can be cultivated in the walk-in tunnel which is highly recommended that low tunnel structure and high tunnel structure due to less construction cost compared to rest of two. The yield potential is also dependent upon the type of vegetable you are selecting for off-season vegetable farming in Pakistan.

Off Season Vegetable Farming In Pakistan Practical Tips:
  • One who wants to start offseason farming must have practical knowledge about farming
  • The quality of land must be determined which is going to utilize for off-season
  • The most important factor is the selection of seeds that determine the productivity of crops.
  • Those vegetables should be cultivated are in huge demand
  • The farmer must ensure that the plants they are cultivated must have self-pollinated ability under the plastic tunnel.

This is the complete detail about Off Season Vegetable Farming In Pakistan Cost Business Plan Feasibility. Those who want to start this business can check its benefits, career growth, and tips which are mentioned on this page.

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