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Our Examination System In Pakistan Essay

Our Examination System In Pakistan Essay in English: Undoubtedly we can say that the education and academics are very important for every country’s or state’s progress and development. It is very helpful for the economic and social development of a country. Examinations play a vital role in order to judge or examine the ability of proficiency of student. And only with the help of examination, a student is able to proceed to the next class or level of education. The examination system is adopted by almost every country in order to judge the proficiency of the student. But there is a huge difference between the examination system of Pakistan and rest of the countries of the world. Here below we are going to describe our examination system of Pakistan its weakness and the steps to improve the examination system. (You can also check Education System in Pakistan)

Our Examination System In Pakistan Essay In English

Our Examination System In Pakistan Essay In English

As you know the education system of Pakistan is divided into five levels such as Primary Level, Middle Level, Secondary Level, Intermediate Level and University Level. There is a huge difference between examination system of all these levels and very old system of examination. Our education system is unfortunately not well established and not renew after the partition of India. The major reason of backwardness of our education system is only due to the selective studies which literally leads to the short curriculum. Due to short and less curriculum the student is not able to go through the whole book or subject, they skip the less important question due to which major portion of the course or subject is skipped.

There is no concept of unseen questions in papers from which we are able to judge the ability of student that who he/she absorb or understand a specific topic. In our education system, the student is not able to answer the unseen question even after two years of preparation for exams. Most of the students only passed due to bribe and paying money to the superintendent in order to help them to pass the exam which is one of the major issues and the problem rising in the education system of Pakistan.

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The examination centers allotted by the Government are not very well established and well equipped and fails in providing enough facilities to their students. There is lack of well-established environment in which student feel hesitate to attempt the paper. Negligence of teachers while marking in papers leads to the disappointment of students. Due to which most of the students decide to leave studies which ultimately affects the literacy rate in Pakistan.

Our government should try to focus on following steps n order to eradicate the poor education system in Pakistan. The major step that our government should take is that try to regulate our national language in examinations which ultimately help to understand the questions well and answer them well. Loyal and sincere staff should be appointed to examination halls who provide their services as an honest person for the sake of promotion of good educational system in Pakistan. Every paper of examination should cover the specific part of the course of the subject. Examination centers should also be improved. By following these steps we will able to develop a successful education system in Pakistan. (Our Examination System In Pakistan Essay In English is listed)

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