Say No To Corruption Essay / Speech Pakistan

Say No To Corruption Essay / Speech Pakistan: Corruption is one such word that you might have listen each single day from the world of politics. Not just the politics but sometimes this action do take place in our surrounding as well. But still we would never get to learn the idea that why we stay silent on it and finally we do end face its repercussions. We would be aware or we might not be aware of the fact that this is damaging the roots of our society slowly but on hardest scale. Old generations do the corruption but the coming generations have to suffer from its destruction. Now the main question that do hit so many minds is that from where the corruption starts! It do take place from the upper level and then slowly and silently it do hit lower level people as well.

How Corruption Takes Places In Pakistan?

Say No To Corruption Essay / Speech Pakistan

Pakistan is no doubt on the stage of its development and maximum percentage of the population in Pakistan is on the line of the poverty. People want their equal rights but none of us bother to listen to their problems and finally they took hold over the wrong path of corruption. They do put them in the actions or activities of bribery as they do get any chance. Maximum percentage of the Pakistan poulation is involved in the most of the wrongdoings. Largest sum of the corruption take place in Government sectors in the middle of the high officers and clerks.

Raising Slogan of “Say No To Corruption” in Pakistan:

In the past few months, the raising slogan of “Say No To Corruption” has started off that is somehow raising little sum of awareness among the new generation. But at the same side some of the people are making fun out from it that is a quite thought-provoking moment. Corruption will never end up with its roots by raising the slogans or sending the messages on the mobile phones. It is one such root that should be cut down through the mutual discussion and plans.

How To Reduce Corruption Level in Pakistan?

In terms of reducing the level of corruption in Pakistan, it is important that people of Pakistan should collectively think about to resolve the issues so that both poor striken and rich people would get equal rights in their custody. If you do watch any person involved in corruption then you should stand up and reveal out their basic deeds. Man power is one of the basic factors that can slow down the level of the corruption to much extent . It would stop the chances to ruin the coming generations.