Street Begging In Pakistan Essay Causes Reasons

Begging is the notorious occupation of many people in Pakistan. Begging is requesting for donation money or any personal use things in a supplicating manner for Street Begging In Pakistan Essay Causes Reasons. Street begging is the most important issue of Pakistan which has not been controlled. It is the abhorrent practice of many people wandering in every corner of the country. Either it is a worship place or teaching institute beggars are everywhere. Islam has strictly prohibited this practice because it creates imbalance society. It is worst solution adopted due to poverty

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) says that Begging is forbidden “HARAM” for Muslims.

Street begging is an alarming issue in Pakistan. Many people of Pakistan facing poverty. They are living their lives below poverty line. Poverty forces thousands of people to start begging. Because, it is the easiest and cheap way of earning without any laborious activity. Street beggars begging in the name of God either in cold or in scorching heat.

Street Begging In Pakistan Essay Causes Reasons

Street Begging In Pakistan Essay Causes Reasons

Generally, beggars are of two types likable bodied and disabled. The able-bodied person can earn money through hard work. The disabled one can also live in the society and earn money if their mentors guide them. Beggars are a blot on humanity and society as well. They also involved in criminal activities and drug abuse. They also indulge in the kidnapping of children.

Begging has many causes. The main cause is: it is an easy source of income, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, unawareness, lack of knowledge of religion. Beggars are brutally crippled, made lame, dumb, deaf, and blind only for the sake of earning money.

Beggars are a burden on the society. They create a poor image of needy people on us. Street begging is equal to the crime. It spreads evil thoughts and bad deeds in the society. It is creating a poor image of the country in the society.

The government should take initiative to eradicate this crime from the country. The government should make laws against this brutal act. Zakat funds should be utilized for needy people. Job opportunities should be provided. Government should improved the literacy rate in society. Every person should be determined to educate his children and family.  Being a Muslim and citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and being the follower of our Holy Prophet SAWW we should help the weak, feed the hungry, counsel a person and help to bring him out from the crisis. It is our responsibility to help to rehabilitate them. To handle all these conditions and create balance in the society government should introduce charity base rules and make Zakat a common practice. hope now you have well informative after read about Street Begging In Pakistan Essay Causes Reasons.

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