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Why Is Irrigation Necessary For Growing Crops In Pakistan

It is an important question to note Why Is Irrigation Necessary For Growing Crops In Pakistan? If we talk about the present condition then it is mostly known that the nonavailability of sufficient irrigation water is said out to be the burning problem as happens inside so many areas of Pakistan. As we all know that Kharif cropping season has all started off. This is the reason that the cultivation of drought-resistant crops is one of the basic needs for the purpose of obtaining optimum crop production. This will even act out as one of the major means of raising the level of the economy of the country not so much on the best possible terms.

Why Is Irrigation Necessary For Growing Crops In Pakistan

It is a common fact that Pakistan is basically an agricultural country and over the past few years it has developed a highly extensive irrigation system all along with the access of the barrages and link canals. It does have weather conditions that are extremely hot and sometimes it increases too much. In the hilly areas, it is moderate and cool. For the purpose of growing crops agriculture is very much important as it is the main mean for providing food and fiber. Plus it also acts as the fodder for our domestic animals and raw material by the side of so many industries.

Why Is Irrigation Necessary For Growing Crops In Pakistan

Agriculture as the Largest Sector of Pakistan’s Economy:

In our school subject studies, we have studied that agriculture is mentioned out to be the largest sector of the economy of Pakistan. It is taking into account 25% of the gross national product (GDP) that is stepping up in favor of providing employment to about 54% of the labor force. It is also showing its support to almost about 70% of the population and is also contributing to almost 70% of the foreign exchange besides meeting the raw material requirement of the domestic industry to a large extent.

Two Main Cropping Seasons in Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector:

For the information of readers, we would like to mention that in Pakistan there are two main types of cropping seasons namely the Kharif that is also known as summer crops from April to September, and Rabi crops that are also known as winter crops as starts from October to March. Wheat is regarded to be the main crop of the Rabi season on the other side rice, maize, sugarcane, and cotton are named up to be some of the major crops of Kharif. Mono cropping, as well as sequence cropping plus the mixed cropping, inter-cropping, and relay cropping systems, are practiced from the side of the farmers.

Hence this was the end of the discussion about the fact that Why Is Irrigation Necessary For Growing Crops In Pakistan. It does perform the best role in raising the economic level of Pakistan so far.