Clean and Green Pakistan Speech for Students

We cannot deny the importance of Clean and Green Pakistan in our life. Maintaining a healthy environment is a must for all individuals as their life totally depends on the kind of atmosphere they live in. If the environment is not clean or perhaps there is a lot of pollution around, then the health will be deteriorated .Being a Muslim country we should pay attention to the cleanliness of our environment. Islam teaches us to give an equal importance to all aspects our life and cleanliness is a must as it brings a lot of benefits. According to the famous Hadith in Quran cleanliness is a part of faith.

Most of the people in Pakistan do not like to keep their country clean as they throw garbage on the roads and even in their residential areas openly which gives rise to germs affecting the health of many. When we like Clean and Green Pakistan then we keep our house clean we should similarly keep our roads and commercial areas clean. We should try to adopt some strict laws for cleanliness just like most of the western countries are following. Ever wondered why the roads of the western countries so clean, it’s because people are strictly following rules set by their Government.

Clean and Green Pakistan Speech for Students

Cleanliness is not the responsibility of only one person rather efforts should be made by everyone collectively. The problem of pollution can be reduced by building more trees and the waste products should not be openly thrown out in the river. Recycling of the waste products should be done effectively and give rise to the clean and green Pakistan slogan.

Pakistan is one of the top 12 countries which are affected badly by Pollution. And it is us who are responsible for it. We are irresponsible and throw trash on roads and use excessive electronic goods that result in polluting the environment badly. The industrial sector burns fossil fuels and the excessive use of cars and other vehicles has harmed the environment in a worse way. All these irresponsible activities have resulted in Global warming. The global warming has great effects on our climate and climate changes have resulted in less rains and more dust. The situation is getting alarming. If there is no rain there will be no fertile lands. And no fertile lands would result in no food.

Somewhere down the line we might have to face draughts. This would put people of the country in a great misery and starving faces and diseases would be commonly seen.  We need to wake up and bring a change before we get into a catastrophic situation. We are the ones who have created problems and only we can combat them. There is no need to plan out big strategies to make a change. A little bit of effort on a personal level can contribute a lot to the overall change. All we need to do is to be a bit sensitive to our climate and this will result in a remarkable change. Clean and Green Pakistan pollution free will come true one day if we make some extra efforts.

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