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Short Essay On Education In Pakistan

For a Pakistani, education is a life and blood for us. If we want to survive as a developed country then we need to focus on our education system. Countries flourish and prosper because they have strong education system. Other individuals are making progress because they are educated. If each and every Pakistani student will be able to embark on the road of education then he or she will surely get success.

Famous Pakistani personalities who made achievements in the education sector of PakistanShort Essay On Education In Pakistan

We have the name of Abdus Salam. He got the Nobel prize because of his work in the field of Physics. He has been the first Pakistani who got the Nobel prize in this physics field. The entire physics community still pay tribute to Abdus Salam. Then we have the name of Ayu Ommaya. He was a neuro surgeon who heavily contributed in the field of brain tumor. We too have the name of Mahbub ul Haq who was one of the leading economists and developed and founded the Human Development Index. Atta Ur Rehman too made massive contributions in the field of natural product chemistry.

Why we have been failed to have stronger education system in Pakistan?

  • We just spend 2 percent of our GDP in our education budget. Lack of budget is deteriorating the education system of Pakistan.
  • We are lacking behind in providing better facilities to the students.
  • Opting the trend of ratta system is destroying the mental power of students.
  • We hire inefficient and uncompetitive teachers.
  • We do not have uniform syllabus criterion. We ourselves have made divisions in our education sytem like public and private schooling, O level and matric school system, A level and intermediate education system.
  • It is because of the political interference in our education system that we do not have liberty in designing the agenda of our education system.

Solutions to improve the education system of Pakistan

  • We have to eradicate this ratta system.
  • Removal of gender disparity system in Pakistan should be done as soon as possible.
  • Girls should be given equal chance to persue education.
  • Qualified teachers should be hired.
  • More budget should be allocated to this education sector.
  • Practical and conceptual knowledge should be given to all of the students.
  • Comprehensive and knowledgeable syllabus should be devised.

If Pakistan wants to be on its toes for one more time then we need to make some serious kinds of changings in our education system. Let us all join hands in this initiative!


  1. i hv just finished pre medical…what course and degrees should i hav that one day i become able and reach that level where i can modify pakistans education system…also tell me who can do this currently???

  2. It is simply copied by the Dr. Daougles Lynd’s writings. There must be some explanation about existing systems of education such as, madrassas, private education system, govt., english medium school system and all related info. It is just an average artical

  3. This is very good collection. But we should also in mind about world education system compared with pakistan .


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