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List Of President Of Pakistan From 1947 To 2022

A President is considered the head of the state, who has power over the supreme court, the commencement of new elections, and the disqualification of the prime minister. From the day first, after the establishment of Pakistan, a huge List Of presidents Of Pakistan From 1947 To 2022 governed the country. The post of President of Pakistan was introduced by the 1956 constitution. Four presidents out of twelve Presidents of Pakistan were from the Pakistan People’s party, two Presidents were from Pakistan Muslim League (N), two Presidents were from Pakistan Muslim League (Q) one Presidents was from the Republican party one was independent.  Iskander Mirza was the first President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. My longest tenure as a President was of Zia-ul-Haq which was almost 10 years. Eight Presidents were elected by the elections. The National Assembly of Pakistan and Senate chooses the Presidents of Pakistan through elections. Members of the National Assembly, Senate, and Members of Provisional Assembly have the right to cast votes to elect the Presidents. In this article, you will come to know about the List of presidents of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022. You can find others in another blogpost Current Affairs of Pakistan 2022.

List Of Presidents Of Pakistan From 1947 To 2022

The list of Prime ministers of Pakistan, the first Presidents of Pakistan, and the second Presidents of Pakistan is going to be mentioned below. As well as, who is the President of Pakistan 2022 is Dr. Arif Alvi. Further students can read the Income Tax Slabs Pakistan 2022.

List Of President Of Pakistan From 1947 To 2018

Current Affairs of Pakistan

List of Presidents of Pakistan

Name Took Office Left Office
1 Iskander Mirza 23 March 1956 27 October 1958
2 Ayub Khan 27th October 1958
8 June 1962
8 June 1962
25 March 1969
3 Yahya Khan 25 March 1969 20 December 1971
4 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 20 December 1971 13 August 1973
5 Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry 14 August 1973 16 September 1978
6 Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq 16 September 1978 17 August 1988
7 Ghulam Ishaq Khan 17 August 1988 18 July 1993
8 Wasim Sajjad 18 July 1993 14 November 1993
9 Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari 14 November 1993 2 December 1997
10 Wasim Sajjad 2 December 1997 1 January 1998
11 Muhammad Rafiq Tarar 1 January 1998 20 June 2001
12 Pervez Musharraf 20 June 2001
6 October 2007
6 October 2007
18 August 2008
13 Muhammad Mian Soomro 18 August 2008 8 September 2008
14 Asif Ali Zardari 9 September 2008 9 September 2013
15 Mamnoon Hussain 9 September 2013 9 September 2018
16 Dr. Arif Alvi 9 September 2018 Till Date

Most of these presidents haven’t completed their tenure and Asif Ali Zardari is the first President who completed the democratic tenure of five years. Some of these like Wasim Sajjad and Muhammad Mian Soomro have served as acting presidents. Some President’s like Zia ul Haq, Ayub Khan, and Pervez Musharraf gained power through the military. Currently, Mamnoon Hussain is serving as a President who belongs to Pakistan Muslim League (N) political party. It is all about the List Of Presidents Of Pakistan From 1947 To 2022. The above list extracted from cabinet dot gov dot pk means you can rely on the list because it is the official platform to show the perfect material approach where you can find all answers to your queries raised in mindset.