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The Role of NGOs in Pakistan

The NGOs namely the non-governmental organizations so here we are going to discuss about the The Role of NGOs in Pakistan. The name itself is describing the job of NGO’s that is they are performing those jobs which should basically be performed by the government but due to several limitations government cannot perform. The role of NGO’s is mostly related to the development of the country in under developed or developing countries. They perform developmental jobs in fields of education, health, women welfare or agricultural field.  The range of activities varies from country to country.

The Role of NGOs in Pakistan

The Role of NGOs in Pakistan

Pakistan is going through a deep civil and economic crisis. During the past decade the standard of living has deteriorated, poverty ahs raise its level, public institutes have decayed and failed to provide the quality services, public and political institutes lack the public trust because the worm of corruption has inculcated itself in all fields of Pakistan and instability of politics. Civil society is very weak in Pakistan. Nevertheless, some potential parties promises started to emerge their efforts for the development of Pakistani people

In Pakistan mostly NGO’s are committed to women welfare programs in creating awareness about the women rights and encouraging them to come forward in professional fields.  But some are also playing their significant role in the field of education, health care, water and sanitation and agricultural development.

NGO’S can be divided into following type in Pakistan:

  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Policy issues and debates
  • Emergency, rehabilitation and relief organizations
  • Implantation of development projects and programs

In the view of FOP, there are some areas where there could be a need of NGO’s in near future like:

  • Environment and energy saving
  • Traffic education and awareness
  • Arbitration and mediation in families.

There are some rule and regulations according to which NGOs can operate. The NGOs need to get register before performing their work. There are some acts and ordinance which provide the rules and regulation of its working and also provide the rights and duties to them. Some of them are the Societies Registration Act (XXI) 1860, the Trust Act 1882 and some other. These acts and ordinance provide liberties to NGOs within given frame of work. Well this is all about the The Role of NGOs in Pakistan hope you will like our effort.


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