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Speech On Quaid E Azam A Great Leader in English

Here we are going to start Speech On Quaid E Azam A Great Leader in English. One of the most influential personalities gone in the past includes the founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25th December 1876 at Vazeer Mansion Karachi. He is one of those spiritual leaders who with his own leadership skills and commitment have made it possible to make and create a separate homeland for Muslims which seemed just impossible at the beginning. Father of Jinnah was a very religious personality named Jinnah Poonja and Mohammad Ali Jinnah was one of the eight brothers and sisters. So lets startsĀ Speech On Quaid E Azam A Great Leader

Speech On Quaid E Azam A Great Leader in English

Mr. Jinnah was a highly educated person; he started his initial education from the Sindh Madrasstul Islam in Karachi. He further took his studies from Gokal Das Tej Pal School in Bombay and for his higher education he preferred the high standards and high quality education of England and so in this regard he did his Bar-at-Law from the Lincoln’s Inn, London in 1985. The leadership qualities of Mr. Jinnah were renowned and appreciated by both the Hindus as well as the British’s and fro that very purpose he was being kept at very respectable and honorary designations throughout his life.

Speech On Quaid E Azam A Great Leader in English

He started the legal practice in Bombay in 1897. He was the member of the imperial legislative council for 9 years from the tenure of 1910-1919. It was the time since when Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the follower of two nation theories that he wished that the Muslims and Hindus should work simultaneously without any dispute and opposition, but soon he realized that Hindus were only working for the benefit and interest of Hindus only.

When the all India Muslim League was being formed which was being established to safeguard the rights of the Muslims it was then when Mohammad Ali Jinnah was being declared as the official member of the league in 1915. He through this very platform headed several meeting on the behalf of Muslims which included Round Table conferences in 1930, Luckhnow’s Session in 1937 and Lahore Resolution in 1940. The information is good enough to include in Speech On Quaid E Azam A Great Leader in English.

It was Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who from his tireless activities and dedication made the Muslims active and resulted in one of the world’s largest migration in the history of mankind which resulted in the formation of Pakistan in 1947. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was being declared as the first Governor General of Pakistan in 1947. Further, it is best to found Speech On Quaid E Azam A Great Leader. Again it was Jinnah who took up the responsibility of taking the newly born state out of those destructive problems which could have very easily eliminated the state from the map of the world. The problems included the division of assets and territory as well as the rehabilitation of the migrants. For such high dedication and devotions towards the Muslims and the state of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah was being given the honorary name of Quaid-e-Azam.


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