UPS Buying Guide For Pakistani Customers

Ups Buying Guide for Pakistani Customers will be very useful for you As the summers have arrived and with the increasing of the temperature the Electricity Crisis in Pakistan is also increasing which has created a lot of problems for the people. Under such circumstances the sale of UPS and the generators have increased to almost 200% and the people who are associated with the selling and purchasing of these units have increased the prices to almost double which has further increased the pressure and problems for the people. For the domestic use Ups is considered to be the most appropriate option in Pakistan as majority of people have either installed ups in their homes and offices or they might do it very soon because the energy crisis is the problem which might not be resolved soon.

Ups Buying Guide for Pakistani Customers

Ups Buying Guide for Pakistani Customers

When the purchasing of the ups is being made make sure that the quality and the strength of the ups is the same as it is mentioned because the people have indulged in to fraud as they have started to sell low quality and low power ups so that they can save more. For example if it says that the UPS manifests 500 W on the box, the device more than likely offers 300 W only. The below given ranges for UPS Buying Guide For Pakistani Customers.

  • UPS Buying Guide Under Rs. 10,000
  • UPS Buying Guide between Rs. 10,000 To 20,000
  • UPS Buying Guide Between Rs. 20,000 To 30,000
  • UPS Buying Guide Between Rs. 30,000 To 40,000
  • UPS Buying Guide Over Rs. 40,000
UPS Buying Price RangeUPS brands In Range
Under or Equal To Rs. 10,000Emerson Liebert 360W, EcoStar 300W, Emerson Liebert 600W, Apollo 660W
Between Rs. 10,000 To 20,000CyberPower 600W to 900W, Westpoint 2KVA, Enviro 700W-1000W, Mercury 1200VA, EcoStar 720W UPS, Apollo 1400VA, EcoStar 1440W, Inverex 2400VA, ProLink 2400VA, Aurora 2400VA
Between Rs. 20,000 To 30,000Homage 1400W UPS, Inverex 2000W Pure Sinewave or Solar Hybrid Inverter, Axpert 1KVA unit.
Between Rs. 30,000 To 40,0003000VA units from Homage, Inverex, ProLink, Crown Micro
Over Rs. 40,0003000VA units from Homage or Inverex, 1000VA APC unit, 5000VA units, Homage, Inverex and Aurora
30kVA units

UPS Buying Guide Capacity Analysis With Right Size of battery

Likewise, a 1,250 W UPS probably has a capacity of 500 W, a 1,500 W UPS, 700 W and a 1,800W UPS 800 W. so make sure that you have received what you ordered. Before the purchasing of the Ups do try to take the price quotation from two or more sellers as per your requirement so that you can get the overview as it will be beneficial while bargaining the final price.

Once the Ups are purchased do check the warranty card of both the ups and the batteries. Make sure that the LED lights which are being placed on the ups to indicate the strength of the battery and charge of the ups is working properly and once it is being made than install the Ups.

UPS Installation Guide For Pakistani Customers

Now comes the installation of the Ups, it is also a very crucial procedure and it is prescribed not to do it yourself no matter how experienced you are so do bring a competent electrician for this purpose. One things should be taken under consideration is that, one must try to install the ups as close as possible to the main power switch and at the same time should be placed on such a  place where the ventilation of air is possible because while in function ups has the tendency to get heated up. Installing UPS is not so easy because you have to consider Single Cell and double cell difference while installing it.

Don’t put all the utensils on the ups because it will discharge the unit very quickly and will not be effective but do make sure that only essential and usable lights and fans should be kept on the ups as per the power and the strength of the unit. The internal mechanism of all types of UPS will be the same but the difference created with the effective use of the internal transistors and wiring. ILM.COM.PK care about the community, therefore never think to buy the local made UPS without any brand. The rural areas of Pakistan has lots of such options in front of customers but they will make you life havoc.

Benefits of Reading UPS Buying Guide For Pakistani Customers

The life will be mess in the presence of the such options ate home. These aspects are not acceptable in any way because it is dangerous for the community to use these options. The worst thing about these local made UPS is the power setup. The AMP or Volt difference make it worst in usage at home so far. If you follow UPS Buying Guide then you have the idea about things mentioned above.

Now lets talk about where to buy the UPS in Pakistan. There are two ways or places to buy the UPS. The one place is retailers with no dealership of the Specific brand. The second place is retailers with proper dealership which needs huge investment. These kind of places are known as official places to purchase UPS. You have consistent with the branding while buying UPS in pakistan. Hope you like UPS Buying Guide For Pakistani Customers then do tell us through comment section.

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