Pakistan Zindabad Quotes In Urdu With Pics

Pakistan Zindabad Quotes In Urdu is going to share here at this page. Every poet has the patriotic feelings must realize the importance of the meaning of Pakistan Zindabad. These feelings are enrolled in the form of Pakistan Zindabad Quotes which means perfect verbal approach according to the traditions. The traditional poetry directly or indirectly links with these feelings. Quotes are creative ideas comes in the form of Pakistan Zindabad Poetry. These aspects are well known according to the situation. You will never know about the Happy Pakistan day 23rd march feeling at a massive level. The level of the poetry should be highlighted according to the situation. There is no or minor difference between the full sentences poetry and quotes. In Pakistan, whenever any national event comes there is no difference between quotes and poetry. Further Pakistan Zindabad Pics shall be share further reading

Khuda Kray K Meri Arz E Pak Pe Utray

Wo Fasl E Gul, Jisay Andaisha E Zawal Na Ho

Just like this, poetry with the full meaning also sent by the masses through the cellular communication. The Quotes approach make you aware about the ways which directly or indirectly make you realize about the factor analysis. Every new Pakistan Zindabad Quotes In Urdu reflective in approach as well as similar in any way. These quotes search about 84 percent from Pakistan and remaining from the other countries. It is quite nice to consider the overseas Pakistani. They knew the national worth in best way.

Pakistan Zindabad Quotes In Urdu

Pakistan Zindabad Quotes In Urdu

SIXTY three years today we became an independent nation, as a result of the vision and sheer struggle of the Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah. The inspiration for Pakistan was also embedded in the thinking of Allama Iqbal, but to make Pakistan a reality required a man as determined and single minded in his pursuit of a homeland for the Muslims – but one where every citizen would be free and equal and the nation would move forward on the basis of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

Yet sixty three years later, we have lost sight of the Quaid’s Pakistan. He stressed the evils of corruption and nepotism and our leaders have succumbed to these evils and imbibed them as part of their political creed. He stressed equality for all which would result in national unity yet today we are torn apart by ethnic and sectarian cleavages and are seeing our minorities live under a constant cloud of insecurity. Quaid-i-Azam saw Pakistan as an Islamic welfare state but today the poor are becoming increasingly marginalised as the gap between the rich and them increases.

Pakistan Zindabad Pics

These below given pictures related to the pakistan. Its approach make sure the perfect association between the one person and country. The sending Pakistan Zindabad Pics does not mean to show off the love it is all about the lovely moment sharing within the society. Education, which the Quaid saw as essential has lost its significance for successive rulers till we have been reduced to seeing the farce of the ruling elite flaunting their fake degrees while genuine degree holders can barely get employment. The Quaid saw Pakistan as a leader within the Muslim World and a state which would conduct its foreign relations on a basis of equality and mutual respect and dignity.

Pakistan Zindabad Pics

And in our early years we were in the forefront of supporting Muslim causes but successive rulers pushed us into a dependency mode where a costly flirtation with an imperialist US became the norm. Whenever the US winked at us, we rushed into its lethal embrace and today we are once again suffocating in this embrace which is killing our people even as it destabilises the state structures. The state of Pakistan has lost touch with the nation and every successive government fails to deliver to the people the very basics which Pakistan was supposed to provide.

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