Where is Kalabagh Dam Located, Its Capacity and Benefits

In this article you will get to know that Where is Kalabagh Dam Located, Its Capacity and Benefits of this project as one of the most controversial issues in Pakistan is the Kalabagh Dam which is being hanged in between the acceptance and the rejection of the various stakeholders of the country. The history and background of the Kalabagh Dam has various clauses and in the impact and personal consent of the various politicians has further confused and delayed the process. In December 2004 it was the former General Pervez Musharaf who was the President of Pakistan at that time, made that all important announcement that he would build the dam in the larger interest of Pakistan.

Where is Kalabagh Dam Located,

However, after the worst flood (2010) in Pakistan, the prime minister of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza Gilani, stated that the devastation of floods would be less if Kalabagh dam were built. The present Government has shown some positive intent and seemed focused as far as the Kalabagh Dam is concerned but again it could not be done without the mutual consent of all the people especially the surrounding locality.

Where is Kalabagh Dam Located?

Kalabagh Dam is located in the Mianwali District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the exact direction of the dam according to the various coordinates is 32°57′23″North and 071°36′49″East.

It is the 20 KM away from Mianwali city. The black color denoted as banana field over there famous as Kalabagh. Sindh River is natural dam when it approach the kalabagh location. The international inspection team in 1953 gave it the name of natural dam site perfect for the water storage. The Ravi Sutluj and bias river water was sold in 8 cror rupees at that time. India gave permission to built Kalabagh dam against this money. After Ayub Khan era, two next governments did not focus to get advantage of kalabagh dam location. In 1984, its construction was started. During the construction of kalabagh dam pakistani government allow British inspection team to check the life and feasibility of dam. The company take notice of this thing that indus river flood in 1929 was devastating for the Nowshera city. The check the feasibility of Kalabagh dam, nowshera city was marked in testing phase. The hype created in the city that kalabagh dam will be devastating for nowshera city. The ANP was not happy at that time due to the Afghan policy of pakistan. They exaggerated thiss false argument and Kalabagh dam becomes controversial dam in pakistan. Kalabagh Dam is an Earth fills Dam in which the zoned fill embankment is done with the help of clay and core. Let us have the overview on the specification and the dimensions of the dam for which it is known as the largest dam in Pakistan and one of the largest dams in Asia. The Height of Kalabagh dam is 79 meters which is 259 feet, while the length of the dam is 3,350 meters which means it is equivalent to 10,991 feet. Impounds of the Kalabagh Dam are directly associated with the Indus river. The information provided here is exact and accurate about the Where is Kalabagh Dam Located is the optimistic viewpoint to resolve Water Crisis In Pakistan 

Capacity and Benefits of Kalabagh Dam

The reservoir which is being implemented at the Kalabagh Dam has the active capacity of 7.52 km3 (6,100,000 acre/ft) while the inactive capacity of the dam is 9.7 km3 (7,900,000 acre/ft) while on the other hand the catchment area comprise of 110,500 sq mi (286,000 km2). The power station which is being established at the Kalabagh Dam has the Hydraulic head of 170 feet which means 52 meters while the turbines has the power of 12 x 300 MW with the maximum capacity of 4,000 MW and with the annual generation of 11,400 GWH. Kalabagh Dam is one of the very crucial necessities of Pakistan when they are facing such threatening and alarming energy crisis and short fall of electricity and if the dam is being made to work on its complete capacity then within no time Pakistan can get rid of this devastating problem of energy. It would be enough for the shortfall in pakistan. The water storage will directly benefits the agricultural fields of pakistan. The World Bank remain agree to gave loan for the development of Kalabagh Dam.

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