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Foundation University Entry Test Sample Paper 2024

Foundation University has announced the admission and thousands of candidates are finding the Foundation University Entry Test Sample Paper 2024. That is available. When they start the process of admission they take the test and then finalize the admission becasue without the entry test no students can join this university. So, you can download the past paper of this university and after completing the past paper, you will better understand the nature of the test. On the other hand, They are taking the paper on a specific subject not all.

Foundation University Entry Test Sample Paper with Answer

For the guidance of the students, some of the questions are listed below and you can read them becasue sometimes when they take the test then sometimes they get the questions from previous papers.

Foundation University Entry Test Sample Paper 2021


1 Affinity:
a.)  Against b.) Dissimilarity
c.) Liking d.) Keen
2 Annex:
a.) Construct b.) To cancel
c.) Add to d.) Summarize
a.) Soldier b.) Sailor
c.) Pirate d.) Spy


4 Ship: Ocean::
a. Fish: gill b. Plane: air
c. Child: bath d. Car: passenger
5 Fire: Ashes::
a. Event: memories b. Water: waves
c. Wood: splinters d. Accident: delay
6 Despite her ________ dress, she was a simple girl at heart.
A. Sophisticated B. Casual
C. Shoddy D. Dirty
7 A student has to secure 40% marks to pass. He gets 178 marks and fails by 22
marks. The maximum marks are:
a. 200 b. 500
c. 510 d. 610
8 Luqman is 67. His son Rehan is 29. In how many years will Rehan be exactly half
his father’s age?
a. 2 b. 5
c. 7 d. 9
9 Official partners of the World Food Programme are
10 The world’s second-largest continent is
a. Asia b. Africa
c. Antarctica d. Australia


11 (9 ÷ 3) x (8 ÷ 4) =
a. 1 b. 6
c. 72 d. 576

e. 752


12 If a – b = 7 and a + b = 13, what is the value of a2
– b2?
a. 80 b. 91
c. 96 d. 100
13  [ 0 0 0 ] is
a. Scaler matrix b. diagonal matrix
c. identity matrix d. null matrix

Now you can take all the questions as a sample paper. Before one time must read all the questions. On the other hand, after taking the entry test they will announce the merit list and then the confirmation of the result will be issued. No need to go to another place while downloading all the questions from this page and start the preparation for the entry test. All the information about Foundation University Entry Test Sample Paper 2024 is mentioned for the knowledge of the students.

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