Danish Schools system

Danish Schools system

Lahore, Dec 06: There is hardly any doubt that the education system in Pakistan is fast falling apart mainly because of the poor quality of education and inadequate availability of funds. The official claim puts the literacy rate at 49.9 per cent (Punjab: 59 percent), while in actual fact it is far lower. In such a backdrop the idea of launching Danish Schools is strikingly good, particularly in a country like ours where literacy rate is less than any other state of the South Asian region, let alone the rest of the world. The Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Sahabaz Sharif, must be complimented for conceiving the plan of such a school system that would ensure quality education to the students of backward areas whose parents cannot afford to send their children to educational institutions due to financial constraints. This shows his commitment to the cause of the down-trodden masses who can only dream of seeing their next generation being imparted with quality education with no financial burden to them.

The objective of setting up Danish Schools in backward areas was to provide modern educational facilities there so that their sense of deprivation could be removed and they feel part of the mainstream. To ensure this, such a mechanism has been devised that there would be no bureaucratic or political interference in the affairs of the Danish Schools. Their regulatory authority would be autonomous to ensure admission on merit.

The introduction of such a schooling system in far-flung areas of the province also demonstrates that Punjab rulers were not only interested in betterment of the lot of urban elite’s children but their heart also bleeds for the rural population deprived of basis needs. This is also very encouraging to observe that the Chief Minister has not relaxed after announcing the project but is keenly taking a follow-up action by frequently visiting the sites of these schools. If the Punjab government can achieve desired results from Danish Schools, this system then can be spread to entire province, and the rest of the country can follow it. The nation

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  1. AOA.sir I have a my daughter she is 5years old she can get admission in DANISH sch?Near to LHR OR GUJRANWALA?u have a hostel facility?plz sir reply me.me waiting.

  2. assalam o alikum
    i need help in admission of my nephew(sister son)in Danish School
    his father passed away on 16th of April 2013,
    he is 7th class and got 97% marks from minhaj-ul-quran kotli.
    after the death of husban my sister is not able to continue his education please help us in this hard time

  3. hi my name is haider im from bwp and want to get admission in danis school hasilpor at sholarship plz inform me as soon as possible my num is 03443077062 kindly inform me

  4. miana g,aoa i amlandlord from khushab, iwant to donate land 80 marlain khushab near main road, danish school for free. yours m.tariq h,no.3091 mohalah lavi wala khushab.03336817112

  5. aslam-o-alikum i wantthat my children get good and usefull educaton. pl.there isno danish school in gujrat. but iwant ajob in danish school and admission of my childrens .pl reply me must.


  7. Idont want to mention my name and address but willing to educate my citizens ,please be a good human being come forward to do some thing good for this country which we got after a great sacrifices pls do some thing in +ve way Ihave along experience in teaching and want to educate mothers and all those who wants to become a teacher that how to guide your children to become a good humanbeing and a good Pakistani. My blood which is running in my body is a blood of a good muslim a good human being and good Pakistani so pls if anybody is trying to do good become a part of it.

  8. I’ve sent my cv several times to Danish school system but i couldn’t find any response althouth i’m an Islamiat teacher but really i have a command of speaking English and i dare any one in pakistan to compete with me in speaking and i also want to get job in Danish school.

  9. Assalam o alaikum…i want to get a job in Danish school as a fine art teacher…plz inform me if there is any job.

  10. Assalam o Alikum i want to know branch near lahore station and what the proces adimisiom and fees pls reply me thanks

  11. Assalam o Alaikum
    I am girl.I want to get job in Danish School,Lahore.How can I get job in Danish School.I am waiting ur response.Thanks

  12. A.o.a.
    I am a student of 9th class. I am studying in Multan. I want to get admission with scholarship in Danish School, Lahore. How can I do that?

  13. Assalam o Alaikum
    I have 6 children studying in a public School local area Lahore(Thokar Niaz Baig).I want to admit my children in Danish school system tell me the criteria of Danish school system for admission. I am a low salary person living every month hand to mouth, but I am very Sad about my children future. Please reply must Thanks

  14. hi sir i want three admissions….. i know 3 childs who are really poor and his father is very cruel to them he is hitting them all time plz give them admission they are very intelligent everytime they gets first position in their school if koi admission fees hai yan regularly payment krny pary gi tu i am ready to pay off plz ye bht bhari naiki hogiiiiiiiiii reply me back for bright future of kids

  15. sir my Nefew name mubashir ali he is studding in class 8th he is a very intelligent
    student in his class & he is also debater. every time he gate 1st position in debate. in short he is very competitive, his father is teacher so he cont afford
    to his quality education. so we are very careful for him. sir reason is that if your school system provide quality education in free, which is procedure for admission. thanks Regards imtiaz ali. 0333-3750833

  16. Another mess after wasting billions on Cheat Roti Drama. If Mr.Sharif, CM of over-drafted province, really has money, why dont he use it to improve the condition of existing institutions instead of starting new projects? I happened to visit Sama Satta High School which was in a very deplorable condition; no classrooms (in most of the government schools of the far flung areas of Punjab devoid of building, benches and teachers) students were sitting open in cold. The teachers collect money and buy them sweaters etc. They are working for the construction of the school building on their own. No utility of life is available. Teachers are ghost, and most of the schools are being used as village storage for crops or even to tie up the cattle for the night. There must be hundred of thousand of school maybe in more deplorable condition. Officially 34 Lacs have been issued for the inauguration ceremony of the school. Why dont they spend money to improve those institutions? What will be the fate of the project after the present government? Successors are in the habit of freezing previous projects and starting new one. Is this a project with special foreign aid and “Motives” behind? They have chosen special areas for this project and as I have heard, the students and staff including teachers will be accommodated within the building?

  17. C.M punjab has issued a grant of more than 50 lac for the inauguration ceremony at HASILPUR danish school system…he will waste these million rupees just to entertain foreigh ambassadors and v.i.p guests…..wat a loss!!
    our money paid through taxes is being wasted in self-display….

  18. huh…!!!!
    Danish school system… its total fraud…
    u can get admission there if u r rich..
    another flop project of Shahbaz sharif like sassti rooti, tandoor drama, punjab food support prog. and a lot of more..
    every pml n parliamentarian is involve in corruption

  19. Aslamo-alikum
    I have three kids they all are study in pak turk international schools and colleges. I want that they take admition in Danish school system.I want to know how they can get admition in Danish school system. I am live in Lahore . I will waiting your answer.