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Agricultural Problems And Importance In Pakistan

Are you looking for Agricultural Problems And Importance In Pakistan as Pakistan is a developing country whose economy is not that much stable as other countries have. A large proportion of our economy heavily relies on agriculture. By agriculture we mean producing from land through farming and cultivation. Pakistan is an agricultural country having a total area of 7, 96,096 square kilometers out of which almost 25% of the area is under cultivation. Approximately 70% of the total population is living in villages where their main source of income is through agriculture. In a census held in 1950-51 it was stated that 66% of the total workforce of Pakistan is employed in the agriculture sector, which later in 1999-2000 decreased to 47.3% showing how people are becoming least interested to indulge themselves in this sector.

Agricultural Problems And Importance In Pakistan

Agricultural Problems And Importance In Pakistan

The Agricultural Problems And Importance In Pakistan lays in this fact that it is multifarious as feeds the local people, provide raw material for industrial purposes and is one of the major constituent of the country’s foreign trade. It is being observed that the foreign exchanges earned through the export of agricultural products are about 45% of the total exports of Pakistan. The sector of agriculture contributes to up to 26% of the total GDP and almost 52% of the total population of Pakistan is earning their living from this respective sector. This sector carries immense importance and can be denoted as the backbone of the Pakistan economy, but still unfortunately this sector is exploited due to several reasons. Government, monopoly of foreign companies and dis loyalty in the nation is responsible for this cause. Soil erosion is one of the most critical problems as no specific mechanism is adopted to eliminate soil erosion which is continuously decreasing the fertility of the land.

The irrigation system in Pakistan is not up to prescribed standards which results in heavy water wastage causing water shortage.  Most of the farmers are using old and traditional means of cultivation and harvesting which reduces the efficiency in the process ultimately decreasing per acre yield while in other countries like Nepal, India and Bangladesh are using modern techniques resulting in high productivity.  Another major issue is that no real focus is made by the government in educating the farmers, as they are not aware of various processes and perceptional measures.

The only way of communication in rural areas for these Agricultural Problems And Importance In Pakistan is television or radio which is not that much effective. Small farms are increasing which disables them to get facilitated from the credit policies of the government. The pesticide companies have formulated partnerships with the World Bank and due to IMF policies they are selling expensive fertilizers and pesticides to the poor farmers which are breaking their backbone and leaving them helpless. If these Agricultural Problems And Importance In Pakistan are not resolved at emergency basis Pakistan economy can be in great danger and a living threat of losing one of their major sources of income and economy can go in vein.


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