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8 Things Change Forever When Pakistani Student Live Abroad

When a student moved to a foreign country for studies some changes took place in his life. These changes are really important to survive in other countries. They also help you to make your experience better and also prevent you to avoid problems which occur in overseas. You have to learn about these little changes because you are going to adopt a culture which is totally different from yours. Every culture has its own customs and traditions which are important to adopt if you want to be the part of that culture or understand that culture.  If you are worrying about these changes, than you have to stop, because they are going to be very interesting.  After reading this article you will come to know about the 8 things change forever when Pakistan student live abroad. For more information please scroll down.

8 Things Change Forever When Pakistani Student Live Abroad

8 Things Change Forever When Pakistani Student Live Abroad

Learning About Your Host Country and Educational System:

If you are going to study abroad then first of all you have to learn about the host country and their educational system. Every country has its own educational system. You can search about your host country and about their educational system through online in details. You can also gather information from the helping desk of your host university or you can talk to the returners. If you are not satisfying then you can contact to the embassy or tourist office to gather more information. One thing you must know before departing your country that what kind of study will be provided to you by Host University.  After knowing these things you can set your mind as well as set your goal.

Preparing To Be Abroad:

It is very important to adopt the culture of your host country because it will help you to understand their culture and traditions. Moreover you can understand their policies and other important rule to survive in the abroad. It is usually said that ‘In Rome Do as the Romans do’. You can also check the values of their host country as well as to know either you will be able to describe the characteristics of your host country and their people. You are also going too asked by your own country so you have to be prepared politically, socially and culturally to answer these questions asked by the foreigners.

 Immigration and Customs:

When you will arrive to the host country, first of all immigration office will ask you to check your visa and passport. After this they will allow or reject you to enter in the host country. They will also ask you about that how long you are going to stay here and when will you return back. After this you will examine or asked to declare your luggage. You have to cooperate with them when they open your luggage. You should be very polite and respectful to their officers while immigration and customs.

Fitting in and Being Accepted:

You have to try your best to become the part of local social environment, as it is very important. In start you will be treated as a guest but with the passage of time you will become one of the local students of the host countries.    It is very important to adopt their social values and act like them so you will accept by the host country. You can learn their dressing style, their eating style and other important things, which are important in their culture.

Learning and Respecting Local Customs:

All newcomers have to follow the ‘In Rome, Do as the Romans Do’ proverb. When you will not adopt their custom and traditions and perform your own, than you will become a stranger to them. Moreover they will not feel satisfied with you.  Every culture has its own customs and traditions to show their attention in public. When you will adopt the custom and the tradition of the host country than you will also become the part of that culture. It will also help you to convey your massage to the others like if you are not good in their language than you can make pauses to express your feelings.


Food is an important thing without you will never survive. The food of the host country may be different from yours and you will not find your desired food in those countries. For example if you like to eat grains but your host country doesn’t provide you a diet containing grains. They have their own traditional dishes and foods. In that case you have to adopt their food so you can survive easily. You can also find some fast foods but they usually not meant with the nutritional sense.

Staying Safe:

It often sees that when a student goes abroad for studies he face number of problems in host countries. Residential students or other person try to harm those students, due to any dislikes or for the sake of money. You have to be aware of this type of person and try to stay in safe places. You can stay update with such a major incident by checking newspapers and news channels. It is also your responsibility to eat healthy food and drink penalty of water so you can stay physically and mentally fit.

Keeping in Touch:

When you are in abroad, you have to stay in touch with your family or friends. You can also make some new trusted friends in abroad so they can contact to your family in the hour of need. You can also communicate with your parents for your matters in abroad. This is the best way to tell your friend and family about your experience in abroad.

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