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Things Pakistani Students Should Know Before You Travel Abroad For Study

A student who has accepted by the any foreign university, have to check all the details about the preparing to go abroad. It is as essential as choosing what to study and where to study. You have to mentally prepare for what you are going to face in foreign countries for education. You have to expect more from your journey so you can make your experience of abroad study meaningful. It is not easy to go abroad and start studying. You have to learn about the language where you are going to take admission and gather more information about their culture, social and political situations. You can also read their books, newspapers and magazines for information. There is a chance that your college will guide you about all the require information but if they don’t you can contact to any returned student from abroad.

Things Pakistani Students Should Know Before You Travel Abroad For Study

Things Pakistani Students Should Know Before You Travel Abroad For Study

Pre-Departure Orientation:

You must have attended pre-departure orientation arranged by your home college or university. In any case if they don’t organize than you can receive orientation information through Email or can check it through online.  This will prove very helpful to you and you will learn about the most essential things before departing your country.

Travel Documents:

When you go abroad for studies, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to carry a passport with you for identification and recognize.  Some countries not only required passport for identification but also requires visa for additional recognize. You have to complete your travel documents like passport and visa etc which are necessary for the identifications, otherwise the following countries can case on you. Apart from your passport and visa you also must bring your international student identity card ISIC, which helps in traveling across the country. ISIC also provides health insurance to the students who are studying abroad.


Most of the time it happens that abroad study programs also provides housing facility to its students. But in any case if they don’t arrange than you have to arrange a well house for you. You can also contact to your university in which you have taken admission for the housing facility. Every university has their student housing office, which helps students to find best residence for them in short time.


Many universities provides full and complete transportation to its students but if they don’t offer than you have to arrange by yourself few days before your flight. First of all you have to book an air ticket for you through which you can travel to the country in which university has situated. You can contact any travel agency for your tickets on following dates. After this when you will reach there you required to travel through trains or buses, so you have to arrange their tickets before traveling. You can also visit to your final destination through cars. Be aware from fake travel agencies which not only charge more than others but also don’t meet with the recruitment.

Power of Attorney:

It is one of the best options when you are going to travel abroad for studies. You can give power of attorney to one of your trusted family member or friend, so he can use that power to signature legal documents when you are away. It will be very helpful especially when you are receiving any financial aid for studying abroad.  That person can do all the legal activities in your absence by using power of attorney on your behalf.

Pre Arranging Money Matters:

You have to pay your tuition fees, housing rent and others dues on time and for that sake you have to arrange enough money as reserved money for future. You have to make a list of your expenses so you can save enough money for the hour of need. You have to not travel with a large amount of money because it is very risky. You can take your credit card and ATM cards along with you so you can with draw money for your use in abroad.

Planning for Overseas Health:

You have to take good care of your health when you are in abroad for your studies. Most of the foreign universities require medical and physical fitness for admission and if one is not fit they will depart them to his country. For this purpose you have medical, dental and other essential checkups on regular basis so you can remain update with your current medical conditions. In case if you have any medical problem than you have to take special precautions as well as you have to take your medicine on regular basis.

Planning to Be Safe:

You are is liable to protect yourself from harmful activities as you can pay attention to your surrounding and contact with the police in any emergency. There is a chance of terrorism around the world so you have to be preparing to avoid that kind of activities. You have to not involve in any kind of illegal activities in any case. If you will involve in any such activities you will deported to your country or send to jail. Moreover you have to take care of your health and eat healthy food for your health.

Transfer of Credit:

If you want to take admission in any program which is not offering by your sponsored institute, than there are additional forms to complete that program. In any case you have to submit readmission paper as well as you has to submit extra credits for your course work. There is also an option that you can transfer your credit through your home institute. It is very easy if you complete al the paper work for transfer of credits.

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