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English Grammar Tenses Exercises For Beginners

Detailed Description of English Grammar Tenses is given here.While improving the English language skills the candidate should emphasize mainly on the usage of the grammar tenses in the sentences. This is because the event or the occasion can take place either in the past, present or in the future. So this thing should be kept in mind that in communication proper tenses should be used which should complement the respective event and should not contradict it. There are three major types of tenses which include:

English Grammar Tenses

Past Tense: In the past events you have to tell that what happened. The event has taken place and now you are narrating it. So make sure that one is using the right words for the explanation of the event. The words which describes the past tense includes, have, made, had made, ad gone, had died and etc. this shows that the event has taken place before the present time.

Present Tense: While discussing the present tense we are narrating the event which is just taking place as the event has not yet finished and is continued. So while using the present tense makes sure that you are using the appropriate words which are explaining the event taking place at the moment. Such words might include, is making, is going, is dyeing and etc. this shows that the incident is still taking place.

Future Tense: The future tense shows that the event has neither taken place nor it is taking place but the future tense explains that the event will take place in the upcoming time. This is the predictive statement which includes the words like will be going, will go, and will die, shall eat, should do and etc.

Perfect Tense: The sub type of the major tenses includes the perfect tense which is very significant. This is because sometimes it is required that you should tell something more informative regarding the event so for that purpose perfect tenses are required. The perfect tenses are best applicable when the event or the situation in present is somehow linked to the incident or moment in the past. This also explains that what was happening in the past is no longer being observed in the present situation. Such tenses are used for the words like, often, for, always, since, etc.

Simple Tenses: The simple tense is also a sub type which is mainly used to portrait any permanent physiognomies or features. This is used for the events which are taken place regularly and is habitual to occur.

Continuous Tense: This is the specific tense which is time bounded. As continuous tense is only used when explaining or narrating any particular event or situation in time.


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