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How to Remove Hesitation in Speaking English

We as human beings during our life span, use to come across millions of people in our life and in one or the other way we communicate. Few Years back when people were living in diversifying era, in which world was transferring to global village, people needed to communicate to foreigners or local people. For that, they were required to learn the language of the person to whom he was communicating.   Where ever he/she might be while working in any of the organization, or at any place, may be in school, college, university or any other place, necessitated to communicate. Learning all the languages of those people who come across was something impracticable. For that, with the passage of time, one language evolved as international language that is ENGLISH.  Now everyone of us is aware of the importance of English language. Doesn’t matter at what stage a person is, a kid, an adult, a mature man or the older one; everyone tries to learn and speak English. A kid or adult comparative to man or older person learns and speaks English more frequently and effortlessly. Now schools and colleges are emphasizing on the learning and speaking of English. In many schools, it in now mandatory for the teachers and students to talk in English which has developed their skills. More Problems are for elders and older one. To survive in the society, they have to learn and speak it. They hesitate majorly because they are not fluent in it, lack of knowledge of grammatical portion, vocabulary or pronunciation. These all factors contribute in the killing of their confidence to speak. We will share some of the ways to overcome these problems for that we will answer the following questions:

  • What is there to speak?
  • How to speak?
  • Where to speak?

how to remove hesitation in speaking englishLet’s answer these questions. First thing is what you are going to speak. Here is the role of vocabulary. Enhance your vocabulary as much as you can. It is the fact that you cannot enhance it in one or two days by learning the dictionary.  Your accent really doesn’t matter. Do not try to speak it in any other foreign accent because every country has its own language and accent. As foreigners cannot speak Urdu in the same accent as we, similarly we cannot speak English in their accent.  So there is nothing to hesitate. Still if you want to build your accent and vocabulary follow the below listed tips:

ü  Read English novels and books. Try to read English newsletters and magazines. Sunday or weekend magazines can be of great help.

ü  Watch English movies and read their lyrics. This can build your vocabulary and accent both.

ü  Listen to English songs and radio channels.

ü  We all have listened to this proverb “Practice makes the man perfect”, practice each and everything you learn. Practice speaking any new word which you came across. Try to make its use in your daily routine.

ü  Practice speaking in English in front of mirror everyday for 10 minutes.

ü  Speaking English with your family and friend will encourage you and build your confidence. Do not worry for your mistakes. People will make your fun once or twice but the third day they will encourage you because those who will laugh will themselves be lacking this skill so be confident.

ü  One of the most interesting tip to develop your skill is TONGUE TWISTERS.  Practice speaking tongue twisters. It makes your accent and pronunciation and words more clear. Paste this twister on the washroom mirror and every morning have a dose of it. One of the best tongue twisters for exercising and warming up your mouth is mentioned below. Paste this twister on the washroom mirror and every morning has a dose of it.

“What a to-do to die today at a minute or two to two. A thing distinctly hard to say but a harder thing to do. For they’ll beat a tattoo at twenty for two – a-ratatatata- tattoo & the dragon will come & beat the drum at a minute or two to two today at a minute or two to two.”



  1. Very well said & nice effort…glad to hear your explanation,thinking & method & will try it at home in sha Allah


  2. AoA i highly appreciate your guidance and assistance to encourage students and to spread education.
    i request u to do send me news, information, and tips.
    m.a.razzaq sialkot


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