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Fashion Designing Institute In Pakistan

we will be highlighting all about the fashion designing institutes in Pakistan. If any one of the students whether they are male or female, if they are interested How to Become a Fashion Designer in Pakistan then it is vital that they must get enough knowledge about the fashion designing. There are many numerous fashion designing institutes in Pakistan that have been contributing a lot in offering finest and superior universal education on fashion designing. Each institution has kept their own eligibility, courses and length of programs under specific time period. Let’s have a look at some of the main imperative details about the programs, admission criteria and name of some fashion designing educational centers in Pakistan.

Fashion Designing Institute In Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Courses Programs

fashion designing institute in Pakistan


fashion-designing-institute in Pakistan In the field of fashion designing, normally the institutions offer the bachelor courses and programs that get covered with the addition of Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design (BA), Bachelor of Design (BDs) and Bachelor of Science in Textile Design (BSc). Most of the centers even serve the students with the BA in fashion designing but they just help the students to get closer with the beginning concepts of fashion. In addition, bachelor course serve the students to enter in the world of fashion and learn all form of fashion designing and methods.


In fashion designing, the bachelor course is normally filled with eight semesters that covers the whole program for maximum three or four years. But the time scale of the programs mostly depends upon the educational centers. Some of the schools even offer two semesters while many of them even include the summer courses as well. Master program for fashion designing is of two years that also accompany the projects and workshops for few months as well.


For getting admission in bachelors for fashion designing course the students have to pass their intermediate with 60% marks. In addition, written test and interview will also be undertaken by the educational centers for short listing the intellectual candidates. For getting admission in Master for fashion designing the students have to pass their bachelor with passing CGPA.


Pakistan Fashion Designing Council is one of the most reputed and distinguished centers in Pakistan that are contributing a lot in helping the students to learn fashion techniques.  Following are some of the names of few most well known and famous fashion designing institutions in Pakistan:

  • National College of Arts
  • Hajvery University Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Beacon House National University
  • Dandy School of Fashion
  • Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design
  • Lahore School of Fashion Design
  • Step Institute of Arts, Design & Management
  • British Education and Training System
  • Minhaj University Lahore
  • University of South Asia


In the below list we will be highlighting the name of some of the renowned fashion designing schools in Karachi:

  • Karachi School of Arts
  • Textile Institute of Pakistan
  • Asian Institute of Fashion Design
  • Karachi School of Textile and Fashion Design
  • Indus University
  • HMCA
  • ILMA University
  • Pakistan Bedwear Designing and Training Institute
  • National Institute of Skilled Training

Fashion Designing Institute In Pakistan:

  • National Textile University Faisalabad
  • Government college of Technology Faisalabad
  • National Textile College and Management Institute
  • NTI National Textile Institute Islamabad
  • National Institute of Cultural Studies Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi Institute of Art and Design
  • National College of Arts Rawalpindi
  • SADA School of Arts Design and Architecture
  • The Millennium University college

There are many other Fashion Designing Institute in Pakistan which is working to promote fashion designing in Pakistan. Some of these are government fashion designing institutes and some are private fashion desiging institute in Pakistan.



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