Shifa Medical College Entry Test Sample Paper, Syllabus 2018

If you are looking for the Shifa Medical College MBBS Entry Test Sample Paper, Syllabus 2018 then you are at the right place because this is the season of entry test as the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has already announced the annual examination result for the year 2018 and now students are taking admission in the Universities of Pakistan to continue their further studies and all those candidates who have completed Intermediate in the FSc Pre Medical are submitting their admission form in the Medical Colleges of the Pakistan and Shifa Medical College is among one of them which got more preference in the mind of students to get admission.

But as all know that the number of available seats for admission in Medical Colleges is limited so an entry test is being taken from the candidates and all those who will clear this entry test are allowed to take admission so same is the Shifa Medical College Entry Test but the difference is that this entry test is taken by the National Testing Service NTS so if you want to clear this entry test with really good marks then you must have to look on these Shifa Medical College Entry Test Sample Paper, Syllabus 2018 as this will clear your all ambiguities that what type of questions you have to face in the entry test and how much time do you have to solve this paper.

Shifa Medical College Entry Test Sample Paper, Syllabus 2018

Shifa Medical College Entry Test Sample Paper, Syllabus 2017

Shifa Medical College Entry Test Syllabus 2018:







Fundamental ConceptsPhysical QuantitiesDigestion, Transportation and

Respiration in Animals

Gaseous State and Gas LawsLaws of Motion and ApplicationsExcretion and Homeostasis
Structure of AtomTorque, Angular Momentum and


Coordination and Control
Chemical BondingGravitationSupport and Locomotion
Chemical EnergeticsWork, Power and EnergyReproduction, and Development
Solutions and ElectrolytesSimple Harmonic Motion and


Patterns of Heredity, variation and


Chemical KineticsNature of LightThe Chromosome Theory of

Heredity and Hereditary Material

Periodic Classification of ElementsHeatCell Structure, Chemistry and


Properties of Transition ElementsElectronic and Current ElectricityEvolution
Hydrogen andS Block ElementsGeometrical OpticsCell Cycle
D Block ElementsThe Atomic SpectraViruses and Prokaryotes
Introduction to Organic ChemistryMagnetismInvertebrates
Chemistry of HydrocarbonsElectrical Measuring InstrumentsChordates
Alkyl HalidesElectronicsFungi and Algae
Compounds with Oxygen

Containing Functional Groups

Birth of Modern PhysicsBryophytes, Tracheophytes

Angiosperms and Gymnosperms

Chemistry of Life

  • Alkaloids
  • Carboxylic Acids
  • Aldehydes
  • Phenols


English section will test mainly comprehension and vocabulary.



Math’ssection will include questions on basic and applied mathematics of upto secondary school level.

Application of basic knowledge and principles requires familiarity with fundamental concepts.

Ecosystem and Ecology
Man and His Environment


PMDC Recognized Medical and Dental Colleges and Universities in Pakistan

Shifa Medical College Entry Test Sample Paper 2018:

N, students, as you have easy access to the Shifa Medical College Entry Test Sample Paper, Syllabus 2018 but if there is something that causes some ambiguities in your mind then you can write us in the comment section given at the end of this page.


  1. Only NTS test is required for the admission??or there is a separate test of shifa college of medicine?

  2. i got 820 marks in matric and 705 marks in fsc …how many marks I need to get admission in Shifa med college for mbbs??


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