ELearn Punjab Platform By Govt. to Provide Textbook Syllabus Online

ELearn Punjab Platform By Govt. to provide textbook Syllabus online for the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Class so all those students who are learning in the Punjab can get their full syllabus online through this portal. This online portal is managed by the Punjab Information Technology board so that students can learn and get education online as when you are on that web portal then you can see all the subjects that are provided in a row that includes all the science and arts group subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. This online portal will be the best source for the students as they can get education from the textbook online that are augmented with the videos, Animation and Simulations. As it is consider that what you learn through sight means by seeing through eyes can stay in you mind for long time then what you learn through your eyes so these animation will definitely help students in gaining more than an ordinary lecture in schools.  This is the initial step that is taken by the government of the Punjab just to encourage educational activities and to raise the level or standards of the education in the province. Hence this ELearn Punjab Platform came into existence so that students of the 9th and 10th class can get the full textbook syllabus online while sitting at home.

ELearn Punjab Platform to Provide Textbook Syllabus Online

ELearn Punjab Platform to Provide Textbook Syllabus Online

Modern ways of Communication including Internet, Mobile and other gadgets are now much familiar in the youngsters of the Pakistan so the Punjab Information Technology Board think that why should we not take this medium to enhance the teaching method and improve the experience of learning for the students of the Punjab.

Recently Punjab Government decided to provide tablets to all the students of the 9th and 10th class so the full syllabus will be uploaded to these tablets and these are the first form of the elearning Punjab platform. In the initial stages only few subjects of the science for the 9th and 10th class is uploaded to the online portal but later on on the feedback and other features of from the students and teachers of the Punjab more books and the topics will be uploaded to this page.

ELearn Punjab Platform By Govt. to Provide Textbook Syllabus Online is started as when you click on the link you will be on that eLearn page where you just have to click on the subject which you want to learn

ELearn Punjab Platform

After you click on the subject all the book will be in front of you according to the chapters and topics so students this will be your best way to get education so no one in the Punjab will remain uneducated. So students get education at your level best and make this country proud on you as education is the only way that can lead us from the developing countries to the developed countries.


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