Best CSS Academy in Pakistan For CSS Preparation

Best CSS Academy in Pakistan for CSS Preparation is National Officers Academy NOA to produce a new genre of officers who can, at this critical juncture of time, contribute for the growth and welfare of our nation. The civil services exams are competitive while it is not restricted to only male domination and provide equal opportunities to male and females depending on their qualifications and skills. The CSS exams are conducted by Federal Public Commission and its chairman publicly announced the successful candidates through television and print media outlets. For any other further information about your CSS examination stay connected with this page.

Best CSS Academy in Pakistan For CSS Preparation

National Officers Academy (NOA)

If you are going to be a part of Central Superior Services (CSS) than here we recommend you to join the best academy for the preparation of CSS examination i.e. National Officers Academy (NOA) where dreams comes true. So you are on the right way to determine the academy for the best preparation for your examination in Central Superior Services. NOA is the largest private instate for the preparation for CS/PCS/PMS and other competitive examination.

Best CSS Academy in Pakistan For CSS Preparation

FPSC CSS Exam 2019

It is held by federal public service commission of Pakistan and Public service commission of all other provinces along with Azad Kashmir. NOA academy was established in 13th May 2007, followed a seminar which was held to celebrate the outstanding success of Mr. Fida Hussain who take the 1st position and broke record of highest score of CSS exams in the span of last 20 years. Immediately after its inspection, the new born academy received more than 60 applications for a admission to proposed preparatory classes for the CSS examination of 2008 and academy went off the mark with two batches of 30 candidates each 17th May, 2007. Now the academy has spread its branches in Karachi, Islamabad where the experienced imparting the most effective guidance to candidates of the CSS exams. The NOA academy required only 90 days i.e. three months duration for the exams preparation. To get more information about CSS have a look down.


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    I want to do CSS from your academy kindly send me the address and contact number of NOA Karachi.

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    I’m doing business in Faisalabad and want to get prepare my son for CSS.
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