IELTS Test Format In Pakistan

Looking for IELTS Test Format In Pakistan than this article will help you in knowing what you want as if a candidates want to be succeed in the International English Learning Testing System (IELTS) than that candidate must have fully grip and complete knowledge that what are the test patterns and techniques to answer each question during the examination. As some people take this test fro granted and according to then there is no need of preparation before going for the IELTS exams if you have a grip on English language. despite having good English language you have to know the right abilities to attend the exam within the given time. Some of the experts of the world stated that before going to the test center you have almost two week preparation time but still this depends on your English language. Result of IELTS came in the bands format and if you are not able to get the good band then you have to reappear in the exam next time too. Practice is the key if you want success in ant step of your life so here is the complete IELTS test format so have a look down there.

IELTS Test Format In Pakistan

IELTS Test Format

There are total 4 modules in the IELTS examination and that are

1. Listening
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Speaking


Listening is the most important part of the IELTS exams and this is consist of total four section. There are total 10 marks of each section hence this listening part is of total 40 marks. In the examination center a question paper will given to you that are compromises of Multiple question, short question answer, sentence making, labeling a map or any diagram. You just have only one chance to hear the recording as there will no second chance given to any of the candidate and on this one time hearing you have to answer the question asked in the end of the recording and there are total 10 minutes given to each candidate at the end of the recording so that he or she can respond to the question asked. IELTS Test Format is going to consider here at this page.

IELTS Reading Test Format:

After listening there comes reading modules and this reading module is consist of two types one is Academic version and the other one is General training version. Each section in this two kinds of reading have three sub section that carries 40 marks. In this test module candidates have three reading paragraphs that could be taken from anywhere it could be an advertisement, newspaper, books or magazines or anywhere officials decision. candidates will be given total 20 minutes to complete each section and the first section is basic English reading and any one who know how to read English can do it but the next section is a little bot difficult from the first one.

IELTS Writing Test Format:

Third module is writing and also this part is consist of two sub modules as the first one is Academic version and the second one is General training version. in academic version first of all you have to write a 150 letter or an essay in 40 minutes and than also in the same timing you have to explain a diagram or a graph or table in your own words and then comes the second module in which you will be put in the front of an argument or problem and examiners require your opinion with pure skilled arguments and illustrations. It is all about the detailed review IELTS Test Format In Pakistan.

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IELTS Speaking Test Format:

Speaking test is totally consist of three section. First section is like an interview in which candidates may have to speak on his/her hobbies, interest, reason for attending IELTS examination or some other general question. In the second section candidate have given a card which hold a topic and you just have 1 minute to think and prepare and after that you must have to speak about the given topic. Third section is a discussion between the examiner and candidate which could be on any topic depends upon the examiner mind. It is all about the way out for the IELTS Test Format In Pakistan.

Total Duration for IELTS Exam:

Total IELST Test exam is 2 hours and 45 minutes of total 4 modules as reading test compromises of 60 minutes, Listening 40 minutes, writing 60 minutes and speaking 11 to 14 minutes. It is the complete IELTS Test Format In Pakistan which assure you that how you would get the detailed paradigm about the test.


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