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Pros and Cons in Pakistan Education System

There are some Pros and Cons in Pakistan Education System so what are they as it is more important to address that issues. Pakistan is a country which has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and that is just because of the variation in the education system of Pakistan. Outdated educational system is responsible for the mass destruction in educational department of Pakistan. Educational system in Pakistan has various positive and negative aspects and factors which are neutralizing the growth of the state. The pros and cons in the educational system of Pakistan are as below:

Pros and Cons in Pakistan Education System

Pros in Pakistan Education System:

Pros are the positive points which are present in the educational system of Pakistan which includes

  • The educational system in Pakistan is striving to get stable and strengthen as they are in the process of continual improvement, and that is one positive point because being stagnant will be dangerous for the future of the state.
  • The introduction of new modern educational systems in the country ins another positive approach which should be appreciated, as the introduction of O-Levels and A-Levels have certainly improved the standards and quality of education of both the international as well as the local educational system of Pakistan.
  • The government is showing the signs of concern for the educational development of the state as they are working on providing free primary education to the children throughout the state so that the one who even can’t afford the education should get benefited from education.
  • Pakistan is a developing country and for that purpose they are introducing new things in the educational system of Pakistan which is showing good impact which includes appreciating the private educational bodies, co-education and English medium system, all these are the approach for a brighter educational system in Pakistan.

Cons in Pakistan Education System:

Cons are the negative points which are present in the educational system of Pakistan which includes

  • The very critical negative aspect in the educational system of Pakistan is that the syllabus which is being taught in the educational system of Pakistan is outdated. Old traditional syllabus is being modified every year or two and again implemented on the children which have stopped the development in the modern education system of the country.
  • The annual budget which is being allocated to the education is as low as nothing which is one of the most crucial problem in Pakistan and the conditions become seven worse when the small allocated budgets is also not being implemented on the right cause and is being wasted in the errors like corruption and useless development of education in Pakistan.

There are two educational systems which are present in Pakistan which has increased the differences amongst the social classes of the state, as the poor children are considered to be having the local educational system while the wealthy and strong families can afford the modern British educational system. Which is a negative point as the country should have its local educational system so strong, stable and modernized that there should be no need to have any international education system in the country and there should be solidarity.

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